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My 1st post here.... I had I/L surgery Dec. 22nd last year. I've struggled with nausea and no appetite off and on since. I was eating better and thought It was finally inproving but then I found out I had to have my gallbladder removed. I had the surgry about 3 weeks ago and a bile leak sent me to emergency the next morning. I had no idea a bile leak could be that painful! Anyway, since then I have had a drain in that as of now shows no sign of stopping. Now the nausea is much worse. My doctor put me on Zofran and I've tried a couple of others. Non of them seem to work. Then my aunt said I should ask the doctor about Kytril otherwise known as Granisetron. Has anyoneone tried this medication?

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I have no personal experience with Granisetron but it appears to be in the list of commonly used antiemetic medications used to combat nausea in chemotherapy. I had my best results with a medication called Emend. It is very expensive but worked very well for me. I have included a web site reference to a list of common antiemetic medications below:


You will find Granisetron and Emend in the list. The one thing I did learn from chemotherapy is that once nausea starts it is difficult to get under control. I found that I needed to continue to take my anti-nausea medications even if I had a period where I felt better. I have even heard some people here say that they had good results if they took their first antiemetic before they got out of bed for the day.


 I hope the bile leak mends quickly and you are feeling better soon.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

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Nothing from the doctors seemed to help my nausea and lack of appetite. Radiation wasn't a problem but chemo threw me for a loop and after surgery I had zero appetite. With the doctor threatening to keep the j-tube in and start using it I decided it was time to try an illicit method and contacted a friend who is more experienced in that area. I have not smoked anything since I was in high school 40 years ago so my first  time was hack hack cough cough but it DID alleviate the nausea and i was able to eat without throwing my guts up.  Typically only needed one puff, I have no idea if it was strong or weak all I know is it worked! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it was certainly beneficial to me.

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I’ve also found relief from nausea with marijuana.  It is still not approved for medical use in NH but fortunately I have friends that have access to medical marijuana.  As tcaba mentioned above it only takes a couple of hits and the issues with eating improve.  I also take a med called Motilium that speeds up the digestion process and in turn makes you hungrier more often.



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