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Bone scan report I'm worried

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Nonspecific increased activity is seen in the right aspect of the manubrium near the sternoclavicular joint. Whether degenerative or neoplastic is uncertain. Asymmetric soft tissue activity is identified in the breast tissue more on the right than left. Correlation to surgical history is recommended. Low grade uptake is seen at the right margin of approximately L1-2 This is nonspecific.

I see the Dr, On Mon praying it isn't back again. Please keep me in your prayers.

 I will keep fighting!!!


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Hi Kay,

You will certainly be in my prayers.  I am sending you positive thoughts and many, many hugs!!  


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You are in mine too!  Prayers and Hugs coming your way!


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I will pray for you too.

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I will think positive thought for you on Monday.  Bone scans can show so many things that are not necessary cancer.  Do you have pain in those area mentioned?

Best to you, Kay,


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In my prayers, too.  Hugs, Linda

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Kristin N
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Sending prayers

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Not up by the collar bone area, but yeah in my back but have had pain there all along some days worse then others. But I do have damage there in L1 from the cancer before. So I will have to see what the Dr says. Keeping your fingers crossed for me..

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I hate trying to read those reports because we just don't understand them enough and the wording sounds really bad to us.  Try not to let it ruin your weekend.  I hope it turns out to be nothing or maybe just something to keep an eye on. 



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Hoping it is just showing the past aspects of your cancer. Will keep you in my prayers. Have a Happy Mothers Day in spiteof the scan, until your doctor deciphers it, it may mean nothing new. Hoping for the best.

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Double post double prayers.

New Flower
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Kay, my thought are with you, hoping and praying it is just healing bones. they told me that often healed lesions are more visible than active one. I have to buy this explanation many times. let hope 


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glad I logged in, will pray tonight, let us know!

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You are in my thoughts and prayers today Kay.  I hope everything is OK.



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