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How many Folfox treatments are the norm?

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Out of curiosity, how many Folfox treatments have people gone through in succession? I am currently up to Round 21 over the last 10 months. Is this a common treatment regime or out of the ordinary?



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Every case is different. It's usually taken in steps with 12 rounds being the first step. If they get the results they want then it may stop. If not, then they may do 12 more and then check results. 

My experience was that things were usually done in 6 months increments. The key words being "My experience" & "usually done".

I would not say it's out of the ordinary Roddy but it may not be the same as what other's experienced.
I hope you're getting good results...

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Thanks Phil,


Had a 31% reduction in lung and liver mets over the last 10 months. Had another scan this week, so pending results hopefully still going in the right direction.

keep well



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I'm glad they're shrinking. Try to keep busy if you can so the time will pass until you get scan results. Keep us posted!


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in my humble opinion... from everything I've gathered on FolFox... if its working, (like yours is) and if is not killing your nerve endings and beating you up too badly... they keep going.

when they begin Chemo (any kid of chemo) to any cancer patient (with advanced cancer... stage 4) if the chemo works... keep going until one of two things happens.  

1. It stops working and the cancer begins to grow around the treatment.

2. It damages you so badly, that you cannot handle it any more.


with FolFox the damage they are looking for are permenant damage such as Neuopathy.

or the "temporary" damage such as mouth sores, nose sores or rash out of control (usually if Erbitux is included).


it sounds like its working... Ride that horse as long as you can.

again... this is all "in my opinion".  And, I am no doctor.


I had FolFox with Erbitux from Jan 3, 2012 to July 3, 2012.

stopped it when the rash, mouth sores and most importantly the neuopathy got really bad.

oh yeah... the lock jaw, the watery eyes and runny nose.

got those?


Keep up the fight my brother in cancer fighting!




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Hi Joe,

Quite lucky at the moment. Minimal side effects from the Folfox. Had 8 doses of Oxally at the start and that gave the usual neuropathy in the hands and feet. That is sill hanging in there but not bad enough to stop me doing anything. Managed to miss out on the mouth ulcers or any of the other nasties. The only one I get is the runny nose and watery eyes now and then. I know that I am very fortunate to not experience at the moment what a lot of the others out there have to. Keep counting the numbers down with each scan hopefully. The first thing the Onc said to me nearly a year ago now, was that there is no cure. On a mission to prove him wron Or at least be around for long time to give him a hard time.


cheers mate. Stay well


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Depends on the aim of the chemo. If it is to shrink tumours for surgery, you would stop when that is achieved. If palliative, then its as joe mention forever till the cancer evolves resistance or the chemo causes too many side effecs. (and yes chemo can kill you too).

If it is preventative after surgery, then 6 or 12 cycles is commonly prescribed it seems.

Problem is after every chemo, radiation etc the cancer can come back stronger with new mutations. some mutations allow the cells to efficiently eliminate chemo out of the cell before it can kill it. so u end up with multi drug resistance.  other mutations express additional repair mechanism and such cells can easily repair oxaliplatin and radiation induced dna damage. with avastin, the cancer develops other mechanisms for stimulating angiogenesis that does not rely on vgfr. etc.

Its a battle and u have to stay one step ahead all the time. Ideal is to fight the little mutants without encouraging new, stronger mutations.

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