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angiosarcoma of the breast

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This is a rare cancer. Those that are diagnosed with this cancer often go through the same treatment originally as many breast cancer patients, angiosarcoms is a totally differnt thing however. It is know to spread aggressively to your other organs and travels through the blood. It is a soft tissue cancer. If there is anyone out there going through what myself and several patients I know are going through; You are not alone. Please reply. Cathy in Fl

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Yes Cathy I am a 7 yr survivor. My oncologist sent me to Boston for a second opinion.Dana  Farber is a wonderful Hosp.

They did a right breast mastectomy & luckily got all the margins. However I ha v e been left with very bad facial spasms that effect

My face,neck,chest,arm and shoulders mainly on t h e right side. I believe it is nerve damage. Although

No one will admit this. I am in physical therapy,massage and chiropractic of which help a little. Having this cancer in t hh e breast is better than any where else you can get it as it does not seem to metastasize. I had no chemo or radiation.

Getting a good doctor who understands the margins is key. A regular doc who does mastectomy for breast cancer will not do.if you can check with Brigham & Woman's H o s p in Boston a n d Dana farber Center For Bone Oncology they do nothing but t r eat 

Sarcoma cancers & really know their stuff. I wish you great success. GOD BLESS . puddtat


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Thank you for the info. Did you noticed your teeth becoming frail? The dentist said it wasc from the chemo and radiation. I was at the dentist 12 months ago and my teeth were fihe. I had my xrays and cleaning. Since being diagnosised and treatment, my teeth chip easier. Last week two molars chipped exposing the nerve and they had to be pulled. WOW 7 Years!!!!!! You are like my example of hope. Ive been doing well and the margins were clear. I bet it is nerve damage you have. I've had scar tissue that required physical therapy. But for the most part I'm doing well. I tend to do fine till the month of each scan and then I get nervous. I still get the scans every three months. Sine I was diagnosised last February, it hadnt been a year yet. I was told the first two years are the worse. Thanks for your kind words and prayer. Please keep in touch. Cathy

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