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Hello, Ladies:

Haven't been here in quite a while.  Life has been throwing us a few curve balls, and there have been many challenges since just before the new year began.  But I wanted you all to know I think of you often and pray for you always.

I see many new 'faces' here, and it saddens me that so many women continue to deal with this awful disease.  But I'm also happy that you have all found this forum, and I hope it brings you comfort, hope, and lots of new friends.  I know some of you are dealing with recurrances, but you continue to be fighters and survivors, and are always an inspiration.  To all of you newcomers, never give up hope.  And whatever it is you are dealing with, whether it be side affects of chemo, feeling low, etc., this is the place to come to be uplifted and encouraged.

I have been a member of this board for 10 years and have made many friends.  Most importantly, I've been comforted, encouraged, and I hope that I have done the same for someone.  I've always meant to compose my 'story' and post it here, but never did.  I hope to soon, and maybe my story will also be an inspiration to someone.

Till later, sending lots of hugs and prayers to all of you.  God strengthen you and bring you peace as you continue on this journey!




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It is always good to hear from you and I thank you for your words of encouragement and support.  The fact that you are at least a 10 year survivor gives us all hope as we battle the beast.  I pray for you and your family as you face your own challenges and "curve balls". 

Take good care,


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Thank you, Kelly!  And thank you for your prayers.  The Lord gets us through each and every 'blip' in life, so I am truly grateful.

Have a wonderful day!


P.S.  DX OVCA 1C in 2000, recurrance in 2006.  Due for a CT scan for follow-up, but otherwise NED!


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I wish more ladies would stop in to say hi..we worry when we dont hear for awhile .Time for Roll Call....val


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So nice to "hear" from you and know that you're doing well. Life does have a way of throwing us those old curveballs right along with dealing with this disease. This month I'm celebrating my seventh year anniversary since my diagnosis (3C). I had a recurrance 3 1/2 years ago and have been chemoing ever since, but I'm here and loving life.


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Dx 2009 ... Had two short remiss ions..back to chemo sine last year and hopefully one more to go! Had 15 in a row so far..I am here..living my life..got a new convertible and enjoying it....val


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You're an inspiration too, Val!  Hope this is your last treatment.  Enjoy that convertible (I always wanted one of those!)!  Smile

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Good to see your smiling face!


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Thanks all for your posts. I am only about a year out from first line treatment and it's great to hear that so many survive and survive well, even with reccurrences and even being 3C at diagnosis. Hope to keep hearing from all of you!


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10 years on the board, 13 year since dx and going strong.

Looking forward to reading your story and maybe a picture.

Best wishes and hugs to - Monika, Maria, Val, Kelly, Susan, Karen, Zina and everyone else. 

Happy 1st World <Say No To> Ovarian Cancer Day! ("happy...cancer" sounds terrible).


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from you, Monika and congrats on your many years NED.  Sorry you are having troubles but God knows we have learned how to handle tough times.  I am also happy to see posts from the rest of the troups.  You girls all mean so much to me.  To think if I didn't have cancer I wouldn't have known any of you.  I don't want to be grateful to cancer but it just shows that something good comes out of even the darkest times. 



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Just like to tell you thanks for yours words! ((( HUGS ))). With best wishes, Zina :-)

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I appreciate seeing your kind words, and I truly feel the same about all of you!  Your friendship is one of the 'good things' that can come out of something so difficult.  Will catch you all later!



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kimberly sue 63
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Glad to hear you are doing ok. You are one of the first to welcome me to this board a year ago. Kim

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Hard to believe it's been a year since you've joined us.  Continued prayers to you, and ALL!



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I am inspired just hearing from you and knowing you have fought this off for so long!  I am one of the newbies on here, although my diagnosis was almost 6 years ago. I found this group when I was faced with my second reoccurence.  

I have already beaten some pretty grim statistics and plan on beating some more!

Congratulations to you and thanks for coming on and giving all of us anohter reason to keep fighting!

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