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Today !

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Hello all ! Today is here and it is gorgeous here in the catskill mountains. Temps near 77 today with lots of sun. Thinking about making a bird house to add to my tree. Im trying like heck to keep my head up but these ups and downs all day are wrecking havic on me. I hate it, why is it this way ? What do you all do to help this ? Its emotionally wearing me out and I haven't even started treatment yet.......Grrrrrrrr

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Here is a thought.  I love birds.  You make a good lookin bird box, make lots and if not too late get children to buy or just give to mums on Mothers Day, birthdays etc..  Or for family and friends.  It is something to do right............   If you are arty, how about plaques.  Start small.  I got bored with old fashioned pictures on my walls.  So bought a pile of good priced wooden and tile art, metal art for the walls instead.  I was careful to be subtle and wow, classy and tastefully modern.  Everyone loves it.  A change is as good as a rest.......  You could make a certain amount then paint and seal them when your treatment starts and when you feel able, good therapy.  Ok I am ranting.  Weather just turned lovely here too in Indiana.  Last night hubby and I sitting in garden with a glass of wine.  Bees buzzing making wood pyramids from my fence and deck, birds drinking from fountain and in bird bath, rabbits and squirrels charging about, a chipmunk and a toad living in a wall we have on patio popping out now and again and our little dog oblivious to all.  A nice moment.  A bird box would good out there............  seriously take care keep posting.

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Smile Thank you for your post...Im crafty all right, but Ive never made a birdhouse but Im going to give it a shot. I like your words " a change is as good as a rest " thank you ! I guess Im just lonely, here is one time where I wish I had a girlfriend to talk to and hang out. I hate it that I sit here so many hours alone until Raul gets home from work. No transportation but my bicycle lol..........I already too one ride early this morning, was a quick ride but I needed to get my motor going so to speak. Im hoping for a ok day with a lil help from my friends here. 

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Hi Lisa,

Wow, 77 degrees!  It's warmer by you than it is in Florida today.  I was in NY last week and the weather was lousy.  I leave and it's beautiful.  Oh well, I am just happy you are getting to enjoy it.  If keeping yourself busy doesn't change how you are feeling, please talk to your doctor.  Maybe he can give you something.  You also said you have family around, is there a way you can see them more often or maybe someone can come visit for a while.  We are all so afraid to ask people for help, but you need love and comfort right now.  Please take care of yourself.  We are heyou for you.



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