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Dad just diagnosed with Stage IV

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 Hi everyone. My dad was diagnosed with stage IV this past friday. We were just told that he has mets to his liver as well. We want to get started with chemo as soon as possible. Had our first consult with an oncologist today and was not impressed with the guy at all. Definitely did not give us any hope. Said they were testing for HER2 as well. Our initial consult was at the hillman cancer center in Pittsburgh, PA with Dr Ohr. We would like to have another consult ASAP, but not sure we'd get a different treatment plan offered at the same place with a different oncologist. That would be option 1. Some others include Dr. Lukitich as well as Dr. Sun. The other option would be something like a second opinion at John Hopkins. We have a lot of things in our heads, but no clear path forward at this point. All we know is that we need to get my dad on a treatment plan ASAP. I would really appreciate everyone's help/guidance on the above - any experience with either institution, the specific oncologists, etc. Thank you very much.

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Dear Spitz 38

My friend in New Zealand was diagnosed with stage 4, with secondaries in his liver in August last year.  I have spent hours trawling through the internet for information that may be of use to him.  I came across an article in the Modesto Bee (CA) newspaper, dated December 2012 about a lady who was diagnosed with stage 4, and who miraculously is still alive 9 years later.  The lady came from Turlock, and I found the article on www.modbee.com.


I eventually spoke to this wonderful lady - she said that what is really important is a positive mental attitude and faith.  The medical people could not agree with how they would proceed with her case, but the surgeon she had was quite determined; 'we're going in' are the words he used - he operated, then she received chemo.  It would be worth you contacting the health journalist - Sue Nowicki - she mentioned a couple of places that were supposed to be excellent.


Please do stay positive - I firmly believe in the power of prayer, and I contacted a wonderful Kenyan pastor called Francis Bushebi from Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya (I had met him several years ago when I lived in the USA, and he came to visit us here in the UK). He and his congregation have been praying for my friend and they are all so encouraging and supportive.  I live in England and one website I came across was a UK based one called Canceractive - they have gleaned so much information and put it on this one site.  Another site in the USA is Chris Beat Cancer - they are both worth looking at.


I also spoke to someone at a clinic in Seattle(?), where there is a surgeon who deals with complex cases, including oesophageal cancer. People come from all over the world to be operated on by him (Mike??), with apparently excellent results.  I will go through my emails and see if I can find the information I sent to my friend.


STAY POSITIVE! Everything will be very scarey at the moment - try not to panic and just keep loving your dad.





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Hi Spitz38


I just posted some info, and have managed to find the name of the surgeon I'd mentioned - his name is Michael Mulligan MD, from Seattle and you can find him at uwmedicine.org.  One of his speciality surgeries is with oesophageal cancer.  I phoned and spoke to the staff at the centre and they were very positive about him - they said he treated people who were in very 'frail' states.


Hope this helps.


God please bless you and your family.


x Sally

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Here is a list of the top rated oncologists near and in Pittsburgh:

Best Rated Oncologist / Hematologists near PA

  1. Dr. Justin Chura - CHESTER
  2. Dr. Robert E. Reilly - LANGHORNE
  3. Dr. Scott D. Richard - Pittsburgh
  4. Dr. Lesley Simpson - BETHLEHEM
  5. Dr. Adam Brufsky - PITTSBURGH
  6. Dr. Diana Carmona-Keller - CANONSBURG
  7. Dr. Bernard A. Mason - PHILADELPHIA
  8. Dr. Carlin Mclaughlin - LANGHORNE
  9. Dr. Kevin R. Fox - PHILADELPHIA
  10. Dr. Kyo U. Chu - Wilkes-Barre

Here is a site that will give you the top rated cancer centers in the country.  The #1 rated center is Sloan Kettering, which is not too far from you.


Here is a list of the top rated doctors, by specialty area, in the Pittsburgh area.  


You are near many good facitilities.  I understand what you and your family are doing through.  All the best to you, and don't give up hope.

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