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If this is as good as it gets

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it's good enough for me!  Just returned from my visit to Stanford.  Tuesday, microvascular surgeon--he was happy with healing, would like to do some clean-up work but elective--I choose no surgery for the time being.  Dr. Sunwoo, H&N surgeon poked and prodded and poked some more, he thinks sinus problem is due to radiation, mucus comes out of all sorts of parts!  Shaking might be neuropathy from Cisplatin, I will be talking to chemo guy.  I can live with the shakes just so it is no 'c.'  Scans hopefully in August.  See Dr. Sunwoo again August 14.  He talked about follow up appointments, even going into year 2 (before surgery he had told me not to make any long range plans) what a relief.  Of course I have confused him again.  He can't figure why there wasn't cancer in my cheek and it went from upper lip to orbital nerve.

A silly request:  with my vision challenge, could you post in 3 (12 pt).  It makes it much easier for me to read.

Thank you,


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Not a silly request at all.

I think you are making good progress and I am so happy for you!

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So happy to hear your great news! (12 font size :) This disease is just so mean, but you are a winner and are slapping it in the face when you can say, "it's good enough for me! "

I am so happy for you.. keep up that great work, and make some plans!

:) Celebrate.


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D Lewis
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Woot!  So very happy to hear your news! And, welcome back!


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For news that good I'll post in 14pt.  Congrats Bev, more good news to come.


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you have been through so much since I first got here, and now you're getting the wonderful news you so deserve.  Your attitude, as usual, is great....

I can't see the small writing either, so I'm glad you requested bigger writing.....I've been keeping an extra pair of glasses by my computer.


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for you Bev ! I can see pretty good with my glasses but I try to remember to click on bold and 12pt just because it's so much easier to see ! I'm a newbie and I so love seeing happy posts !

My best to you,


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I think of you often, you responded to my first post and I am grateful.

You have been on a much harder journey than I have and I wish you continued success.

Best always,


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How about 18 point?  I understand delaying further interventions.  That's exactly what I've done, waiting out a reasonable interval, which for me is something like two years, before tackling anything else.  I also understand deciding things are good enough.  My sinuses are pretty impressive, the result of rad exposure.  And of course, the interference with eating is a pretty significant deal as well.  But heck, under the circumstances I am perfect.  It's all in the attitude.  Good for you Bev.  Carry on.



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You are one special lady !  I was just saying to myself this morning....(my own personal pity party) that if my quality of life has to be this way I'm gonna have to suck it up and move past it.  And then I see your post and feel ashamed to be in such a dark place when other's have gone through so much and are so positive.  Thank you my friend, and know that your posts inspire alot of people to stay in the light !  Hugs sent !  Katie 

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I get the vision part. This is what I need with my cheatersIt mine is getting worse quickly.

Hang in there.



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I have noticed my glasses just aren't strong enough anymore since I started radiation back in December. Now the chemo. Being on Social Security Disability now I wonder if insurance would pay for exam and new glasses? Im in Michigan and everything is like pulling teeth. Which wouldn't be covered. I have to pay for dental gel.

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they should cover the eye exam.  I had one a couple months ago to renew my driver's license by mail and they covered mine.  As far as the glasses though, I don't think they do but I'm not positive.

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The double post, that is.  Sorry bout that.

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Good news on the healing


Re point size  - when viewing any page in browser hold the ctrl key then hit the + key and each time it gets larger  - hitting - key takes it back down

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jim and i
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Great news! Hope it continues to be good news for many years. As for the font, I was just thinking, "Why did the pick such a small font as the default?"

May God continue to bless you.


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