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ENT Visit Was Good - Thanks for Good Wishes and Prayers

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Thanks to all for your wishes and payers.  The ENT doctor said all looks good.  Normal to have hoarse voice for a year to forever.  Always great to get a "things look good" information, but then we, or at least I aways think what about next visit.  Gets better after a little time passes.  I suppose if we thought about it all the time we would go crazy.

I will forgive the chemo doc who said off the cuff that you could have a tumor on your vocial cords explaining your hoarse voice without anything else or any info or follow though.  Although forgiven I am still going to tell him the impact it had on me.

Great scans and ENT visits to all.

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I know this is a big relief for you....


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Hi HobbsD,

Great news from the ENT! I agree with others in that the off-the-cuff comment by the MO about a tumor was totally unwarranted. Had I heard that in an exam the brakes would heve been slammed and everything would have come to an abrubt halt until clarification and/or explanation. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when you tell him ;)~

I'm a musician/singer by trade. My day gig in in the music business and I make a living with my voice both on and off the stage. You can imagine the angst a H&N diagnosis brings. To complicate things, I have an unknown primary so I was hit in a broader area. I lost my voice to a raspy dry whisper the last two weeks of treatments but was assured it would be Ok. Fortunately, I went to the best in the nation for H&N at Johns Hopkins. My team is well aware of my occupation and took that into consideration when planning the treatment. My larynx was barely hit as well as some salivary glands. I lost saliva but maintained taste (albeit a little "off") throughout treatment. 

Now, one week out of treatment, my voice is showing the signs of returning. Hang in there with your voice. Perhaps a Speech/Language Pathologist could help with vocal exercises to improve the muscles of your larynx? I know exercises and warm ups work from a singing standpoint. 

Continued clean ENT reports! Positive thoughts and prayers...


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I am glad to hear your report !  With some drs.....I always want to slap 'em along side the head or record them and replay it for them after the fact.  I know they can never give us a for sure....but the wording could be more geniune and human.  I'm sorry any of us have to go through this.  Still wonderful news !  Katie

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Sorry I missed this good news post and did not respond...so congrats on that news!!!! 


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