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I have a final plan. I'm moving to Austin Wednesday and got into a clinical trial using a standard line drug Taxophere, combined with a 50/50 chance of getting another drug, or just a bag full of sugar water. I get the drug once every 3 weeks and scanned every 6 weeks. I am going through a group called Texas Oncology, Dr Darren Kocs if any one knows of anything I just posted, comments are welcome. New chapter in where I live, and who I  putting my trust in.




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jim and i
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Good, keep pounding away!

Best of luck!

Hope and prayers,


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Hi Mike,

Austin is a great music town. I've been there several times. Now, get yourself better so you can enjoy it! Safe travels!

Positive thoughts and prayers


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you'd found a plan B......now it's being put into action!!  New city, new treatment!!  I'm wishing you the very best, Mike....


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I am glad you have found a new course to navigate on your journey. We all hope you only the very best outcomes and alight into your new surroundings with much comfort and encouragement from your new team (medical and personal). God Bless, Don

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Even if you get the placebo at the beginning, chances are that if the study drug is working, you will get it later. You can ask that.

Would you be able to find out what exactly the investigational product is?

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Ingrid K
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good luck with the move and I am happy to hear you will be able to start on Plan B soon.

Here's a huge wish that you get the "real" drug and that it all works out well for you.

Sending you good vibes and some extra heavy duty prayers for a great outcome on all fronts.



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I'm assumming this is a phase 1 trial you will be entering.  I would be very interested in finding out the drug they'll be trying in unison with the Taxophere.  Most of people I've been in touch with are in phase 2 trials all directed at adcc.  Mike I commend you...I know this sounds contradictory as you are just wanting this demon gone.  But seriously it's people like yourself that break the ground work for new and upcoming tx's that may lead to a cure.  All my thoughts and prayers stay with you my friend....and yes I want you to get the med not the placibo.  Hugs sent !   Katie 

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mike, so glad u finally have b plan.  now lets put it into action so u can kick butt!!!   Cool  sending prayers and hugs ur way.

God bless,


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"Courage is being scared to death....and saddling up anyway"  JOHN WAYNE

Glad to see that you are saddled up, Pilgram!

God Bless on your new journey,


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I'm praying you get the drug and it is just what you need to work. Please keep us posted on your move and treatment.
Take care,

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Really hoping you get the drug or if you don't the drug is a big hit and they start giving it to all the people in the trial.  Anything to get rid of the beast is great.  I am sure they will take great care of you and do all they can to get you cancer free.  Payers your way.

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Hey Mike, So sorry to hear of the problems you've run into, but also so glad to hear you're fighting it every step of the way. Best to you and stay strong! Cheers.


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Mike, hoping and praying the drug does what it is supposed to and you do very well.

Keep us posted on the drug and the treatment. 

Praying for strength and peace of mind for you.

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