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Starting radiation

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I will be starting radiation for my shoulder (right) and neck (c1-c6) -- do reduce pain. I've been having quite acute pain in my shoulder, shooting down arm - but it's inconsistent (usually just at night). I also have hip pain bu not doing anything about that now -- it's not too bad and also that area has been radiated before, so more complicated...

I go to hospital Tuesday for 'planning' (measuring, etc). Not sure when treatment will start, but it will be 5 days in a row -- hopefully 6-10 May  -- that's it.

I'm thankful this is getting arranged so quickly. I'm thankful the hospital is so close to my house. I'm thankful I'm already on sick leave from work so I have less appointments to cancel....How else can we get through other than counting our blessings....I sure don't know...

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Bless you Tara.....what a wonderful spirit you have....just reading your post this morning calms me....scanxiety  off the map here.

thank you Tara.....hope that mapping goes smoothly......mags

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I just completed a radiation treatment called IGRT for a lymph node above my lungs (possibly the remaining Spot O' Cancer inside me). It was 3 treatments over last week, M-W-F, and the actual treatment was roughly 10 minutes long but the time I was being scanned was 45 minutes the first dose, 30 for the second and third doses. They even played music of my choice during treatments.

You said that you've had this done before Tara but I'm going to explain how my process went for others who may have this option.

The prep wasn't bad at all but you have to remain very still for about 1 1/2 hours while they make an upper body form using something similar to that insulation that is in the spray can that's mixed then put into a large plastic bag which you lay back on, then it hardens. I had to keep my arms raised so they could target the tumor. Since yours is in your shoulder it may be different.

They'll also likely give you 6 or so small dot tattoos (2 on the chest then 2 on each side of your torso) which they use to align lasers that make sure you're in the correct location For the treatment.

All that bothered me was that my arms went numb and some soreness in my chest due to stretching everything which hadn't been stretched out much before.

I hope that everything goes well for you and that you get relief from the pain Tara. As miserable as cancer is, I'm thankful that there's the technology that can target areas which makes it a bit easier. Sounds like you are too...


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Hi Phil

Are you still on the Erbitux and Irenocan throughout this new treatment? Hoping you're on a break.


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I've been off the treatment for a few weeks. I meet with my Onc on May 8th to talk about what's next. I tend to deal with things one step at a time and not to project what may or may not happen. My goal is still to get off chemo and to not have any cancer in me and the radiation was part of that.

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Phil explained it so well that I don't have much to add....had SBRT on lung and abdominal wall. Very similar experience to that of Phil...lung was MWFMW and abdominal wall was MWF. Best of luck to you on Tues. and I hope your treatments happen quickly...~ Ann

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Good luck with the radiation, Tara. Your attitude is remarkable. You're an inspiration to us all.


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At ten years plus out from your diagnosis you have had a great deal of them and it is my hope for you that they continue. I always heard people speak of treating cancer as just a chronic condition … your experience exemplifies that.  You continue to utilize your options and you continue to live life fully.  Yes, count those blessings, get that radiation done, and plan another great vacation in the future.  You know how to hang tough.  Best to you Tara. -- Cynthia

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I hope you get a ton of pain relief from this.  You always sound so upbeat, despite everything you've gone through.  I really admire that.  Keep us posted on how it goes~AA

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Wishing you the best possible outcome that this new treatment will do for you.  You have been through a great deal and just hoping that this does the job.  Hope you get some relief from the pain as well.


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May the radiation bring you relief!


For your reading pleasure:

by Mark Nepo




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Leslie -- thank you. This is a beautiful poem (brought a couple of tears to my eyes!). I haven't read his books but will look out for them...



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You are amazing!!! I wish you all the best as you begin your treatments. You are an amazing woman. I hope that you will find relief soon. I am sending hugs and prayers. Hang in there. You are an inspiration to all. 

Love,  Maureen

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love and hugs from across the pond...you are and always have been one tough cookie

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