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Skin friction that I could not explain the red spot.

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Please let me start off my saying that I'm not looking for a diagnosis over the Internet and understand that you're not doctors, however I feel this is the best place to get an opioin on what it looks like.//

I recently developed some skin friction on the sole of my foot after playing basketball 5 times last week. It's the only exercise ive done in years. Below the skin friction cut I noticed a suspicion mole/spot/blood under the skin. I've never noticed this before. I have athletes foot and dry feet but this could not explain the red spot.

Please take a look at photo and let me know what you think it is. I made an appt but cannot be seen until next Wednesday.

<*** src="http://s24.postimg.org/a8ms3iuth/1435gty67.jpg" width="800" height="720" />

<*** src="http://s18.postimg.org/5y3t37h1l/IMAG0143_2.jpg" width="506" height="370" />

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