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"Irreversible Electroporation Kills Hard-To-Treat Tumors At The Cellular Level" sounds promising

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 A lot of interesting stuff gets presented/publicized at these conferences; the recent AACR reported on several new approaches for CRC inearly trial stages

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I have been reading about this for a while. It is also called Nanoknife. Looks very promising. It is a good tool should I ever need it.

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uses this type of technology.....Baptist Health in Arkansas specifically mentions  IRE on thieir website,from 2009 (brought tomy attention by quick delving into subject)- Point is,there is always something going on research-wise,even if its " just " fine-tuning current procedures,drugs (ie-shorter adj FOLFOX than current practice)or techniques.....tho a dramatic game-changer is surely needed

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It sounds like something from Mork & Mindy

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Nanu Nanu!

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Ralph and Louie at it again.....

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The head of interventional Radiology at MSKCC (dr Solomon) performed this on one of my tumors prior to my liver resection.  He said that there had only been @ 1,000 of these procedures done worldwide and that MSKCC had done @ 100 of them.  It was great from a patient's perspective!

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