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Update. Ca125 dropping :)

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Hi Friends,

my ca125 is down to 374 from nearly 900. I will continue weekly chemo. I've also been referred tests tests to rule out brain & heart problems. I'll get these in next week and keep you posted.

I'm still very weak which docs say is from dealing with chemo and problems since Sept. my blood work has been pretty good so they tell me to keep up exercise and good diet. I'm struggling with gastrointestinal problems with continuing chemo. I can't seem to get right mix of stool softener without major cramping etc. any suggestions welcome.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement

Mary Ann

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...and that the weekly chemo is doing you good...and that you're posting... Gee, I just all around have a smile on my face right now.

Sorry that you feel a little weak, but you are certainly on the right path of exercise and a good diet - plus of course, loving support at home. 

Hope that you are able to balance out the diet and meds to help with your gastointestinal problems. 

Beaming good thoughts and wishes at you.  Smile



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Bless your heart!  You've really had a rough row to hoe, but looks like you are winning!  That is an amazing drop...so happy for you!  Keep fighting and resting.  Don't know too much about the stool softner, but I find that if I take two Sennkot-S a day(once with the morning pills and once with the night pills)I have had very good success.  Keep the faith and take care.  Best, Debrajo

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Glad to see the big drop in your CA 125.  Glad the chemo is working.  Sorry to hear you are having tests to rule out brain and heart problems.  What tests are you having?  Have you had symptoms to warrant these tests?  I hope the fluid is not building up around your heart again.

when I have chemo, I drink apple juice every day.  I would also take Ducolax stool softener and if needed Correctol for constipation.  That worked for me.  Sorry you are still so tired.  You remain in my prayers.

we came back to IL on Sunday.  It was 81 when we got home, but Mondat it was 50's and Tues it was 40's.  we should have waited another week.  Lots of rain and tornado warnings tonight.  Oh well, it will get better.

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Great to see those numbers tumbling Mary Ann - I hope the chemo continues to kick Chester's butt!  I'm sorry you're still so weak, but your body has been through a huge amount of trauma and you are a very strong lady to come through it and keep on fighting. I hope you start to gain your strength back day by day. I am sending positive vibes across the airways for your continued improvement.

Kindest wishes

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I'm tickled  pink with envy!  Been watching your journey for a long time and know you have such powerful inner strenghth. Keep up the fight as you're now on the winning side.

Keep us posted on the scans, etc, as sounds like another "double" check.


Big cyber hugs to you,Kiss




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Great news!  Please keep us posted about the tests. 


When I was going through chemo I drank watered down prune juice in the mornings and it did seem to help.  I'm sorry you are stuggling with finding the right mix.   But it sounds like keeping up the diet and exercise is the right path.

xoxo - Laura

Sisters three
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You continue to keep all of us in check your tenacity!!!! keep up the strength!!



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NED is waiting for you!  Hurry up and finish that chemo and dance, dance dance!

Great news! Celebrating with you



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It is so good to hear your CA125 went down, bravo!

Try eating grinded flax seed with you breakfast. Every morning, I eat oatmeal with 1/4 cup of grinded flax seeds, 1/4 cup of grinded almonds, and fresh fruits. It helps me to stay regular, along with vegetable juice also every morning, before oatmeal, and of course lot of water, water and water.

When I was taking chemo, my oncologist prescribed lactulose. I am sure you have tried it already.

Just know that you are in my prayers every night. I admire you and respect you for having been chosen to go through the journey you are going through.


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my CA125 as of last month was 3. I had a hysterectomy  last Feb. 2012 and chemo from March to June of 2012. I found that if I took the stool softener the night before chemo and for the next several days(no cramps) I didn't have much of a problem. Don't get me wrong I did have problems but not every time, I also used mirelax that also helps. I go and have a blood test every month and a paps every 3 to 4 months for the next two years. Good luck with the chemo.  The weakness or fatigue really sucks.... it will be a year  in June that I finished chemo and I'm still tired but it does get better I go to the gym 3 times a week just to get my strength back but it's a slow process.

Good luck

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