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Really? Spam on the Cancer Board?

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I just received a private message today from something that looks like an advertisement for a dating service.  Getting spam messages from someone who claims to have read my profile and wants to have a relationship with me and I have to email her at some "yahoo" address for pics and more information.  This is a cancer forum with people going through very difficult times in their lives and someone has the nerve to spam on here?  I am so angry that there are people out there that would spam a site like this.  What is wrong with people today?

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You should report this to the administrator of ths board. I received similar spam on other Cancer boards I was on earlier, I never followed up on any of the spams. My guess is they want money and have learned that such spamming millions of times can land them rewards. They could care less who they offend.



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nyi, you're new here - I'm afraid it's a major business now, spamming, and there are all sorts of nefarious drivers of it.  We've had a number of very major attacks here, across many different forums and there have been days when I've spent many hours flagging and reporting attacks on numerous forums to the CSN admin.  They've had to spend inordinate amounts of time dealing with it which has got in the way of site improvements, including moving to bigger new servers to improve site performance.

The PM you've received I also got this morning and I'm sure many others will have got it too.  It's very difficult to combat the activities of these low-lifes effectively - I and others who are experts in this field have tried to arrive at ways of fending it off but to no avail so far.  It is sickening, isn't it, that people can stoop to such contemptible behaviour.

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Unfortunately spammers are everywhere even on the CSN site. I am with the others, you should report it to the site administrator. You and many others on here are going dealing with more than anyone should have to besides a stupid spammer.

Good luck to all of you in the fight against cancer. My husband fought the good fight for a little over a year.


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I'll take my spam with eggs. No, spam, spam and eggs. Eggs, spam, and eggs, Eggs spam and spam.....

When I was about 20, every sunday night we would go to this pub. The place would fill up to watch Monty Python. Then we would all be scratching our heads saying, "What the hell was THAT about?" Funny stuff.

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I don't there is a lot we can do about them...I hate it too...get them all the time, along with the phone calls about lowering my interest rates on my credit cards, The FBI saying I need to by home security aarrrgghhh!!!

OMG, Fox...my favorite Monty Python was the Holy Grail and the guys skipping along knocking the coconuts together to sound like horses hooves...hysterical!!

I also loved Cheech and Chong "Dave's Not Here" and "OH, It was just an Ambulance" LOL


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