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hypermetabolic lymph nodes

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Hi all. I had a radical nephrectomy in February for a 7.4 cm chromophobe carcinoma, stage 2a, confined to kidney. path report negative for necrotic areas and for sarcomatoid features. Recent PET scan shows "hypermetabolic" lymph nodes. My oncologist says this could be mets but more likely isn't because of no enlargement and the pattern of activity (symetrical) is not suggestive of mets. doctor recommends follow up PET scan in three months to see if there is any growth.  this seems like a good approach to me. any thoughts?

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Sounds like a reasonable and sane approach by your doctors in the eyes of a layman.

However, your question is so specific and case dependant, that I think you should go for a second or third *professional* opinion if you feel unsecure.



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I don't feel unsecure, but never hurts to get some other  viewpoints!

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That seems like a good course of acion to me (speaking as someone who had a larger chromophobe tumor, stage 4 grade 4, extensively necrotic and predominantly sarcomatoid).  The assumption will be that your lymph nodes are reactive rather than infected (the same presumption was made of mine, though they are now infected and next scan will be revealing to see whether they have got better or worse).

My only question would be: is that a hybrid PET/CT scan? I hope our expert, MedScanMan, sees this and can give his opinion.

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I was hoping to hear from you - I've learned more about chromophobe from you then from any other source....thank you. Yes, my assumption, which seems reasonable, is that the lymph nodes are reactive, perhaps that this is their long-term baseline functioning. Yes, the scan included both CT and PET.

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It could very well be reactive and it surely points that way, especially being so close to surgery as well.  Three month scans sounds like a good idea.  All the best!

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