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Cervical cancer oxaliplatin and gemzar

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Well, survived mt oxaliplatin and gemzar infusion.  No allergic reaction.  Yea!  Hope it stays that way.  Strange drug.  Need to avoid cold for a week.  Started having weird hand sensations by the time I got home.  Tingling and stabeing pins and needles.  Quite uncomfortable.  Continues on and off today.  A little nauseas but nothing terrible.  Will get gemzar again next week and then a week off.  Three more cycles to go.  Half way done, though it seems like I've been going tothe infusion clinic a lot for a long time.  Feels like I should be done with this already.  But, I am back on a three week cycle so should befinishing up in June.  Hopefully a nice long summer vacationfrom this cancer crap.  Hope you all are well.  Hugs.

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ccfighter, Yea!!! You're halfway through chemo!! Glad they have found something  you are not allergic to. The side effects sound bad, but the end results will be worth it. I had 5fu and cisplatin, and I remember my oncologist telling me to not handle cold or hot things. I still have some neuropathy, but the neurontin helps alot with that. I hope all of this nightmare will be over for you soon so you can enjoy your summer with your family.


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Thanks.  The pain in the hands can be quite intense.  If I drink something cold it feels like it is cutting through my throat.  Then there is cramping of the hands and fingers.  Very weird stuff.  But surviving.  Will check in with update again soon.  Hugs.  Hope you all are well.

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