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HI GUYS! *Biopsy details

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Alright friends here's the scoop: So the dumb receptionist at Arnot Hospital where I was going told me my biopsy was at 11:00 am today (mind you she told me 2 times and then another lady said 11:00am.) SO...I am driving to go get my mom and sister for it, and recieve a phone call from this girl at Arnot.. "Hi this is _____ I am calling from the scheduling department you did not show up for your biopsy today at 9:00 am"
..... Needless to say I was more than livid I wanted to call her all sorts of vulgar names. And on top of that she said "....you'know I thought about calling you at 9:15 to make sure everything was okay, but i didn't haha" ---- UM WHAT? So obviously I am so defeated at this point because she made it clear that I would not be able to schedule anything today. But.. after crying for an hour my mother called (she was the most angry I think) and got a biopsy scheduled at 1:00pm on the 19th, so a week from now. I will be with my original doctor. Also will have a guy from pathology with a microscope in the room where they will be doing the procedure & will be able to tell me when I walk out of that room if I have lymphoma, or any type of cancer or diesease. And this time I will be put under on the count of it being more invasive.
As mad as I was earlier I am finally cooling down and realizing everything happens for a reason and I just have to be happy I will have a for sure answer come Friday next week. Love you all who have been there for me through all this I would be lost without you. Okay I am done. I am going to enjoy this goregous day :)! ♥ —  and I am for sure feeling hopeful that everything will work itself out!
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Can't think of anything to say better than you did.  Many congrats on a great rant! Yell Sorry for the terrible start of the day but you turned lemons into lemonade, good for you.  Enjoy your biopsy free day, you deserve it.  Talk to you next Friday, hope it's good news. Bill & Becky

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You will get the results on the spot on the same-day.. LUCKY you, mine took 15 days to get the results form pathology, and I've been told on avarge that you have to wait from a week to 10 days for the results. Wish you the Best. Hope your results is negetive.

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Sorry Manda,

I feel so much anger for the ineptitude of some people...I went through some similar situations in the beginning of my dx. The desperation that one feels, I didn't have insurance at the beginning of my journey so I got a lot of cancelled app which made my dx longer than needed. But just hang on and soon you will have all the answers that you are looking for, I really do hope and pray that you won't have cancer but if you do, just know that there is hope and YOU WILL BE FINE! Take care and will be sending you lots of positive energy..(((HUGS)))



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With people like this taking care of you, be sure to get a second opinion of the biopsy. If its positive, and I doubt it is, go smewhere else for treatment.

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Yeah I have been put through the ringer since October I with dx so I am excited to finally know what's wrong. Its hard my boyfriend plays in a band and I went to his show tonight and I was so tired and in terrible pain. I'm just falling apart. I felt quite helpless. I just wanted to lay down or sit down but didn't want to make a scene. I'm not one to broadcast what I've been feeling. But man I just wanted to cry. Im ready for an answer. And I feel so blessed to be able to vent too you guys. It feels good to vent and have someone listen and not pretend they know what I am talking about. Love and hugs to all!

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Manda ,

 I got a question. Which one are you in the picture. The one in the Gray or the Red. Everytime I go to respond to you that question goes thru my head. All right everybody I bet you have wondered the same thing. LOL.  John

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i am the one in the red :) lol

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Now that I look at it I changed it lol! That was a terrible picture of me!

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