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Biopsy results and next step

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Hey guys,


      I greatly value the thoughts of the patients and Docs here, so here goes :


PSA 1.38 14 months ago

Current PSA 2.6.....repeated at 2.6

Free PSA 21.2%

PCa3  46

Equivocal abnormality , left hemisphere, on DRE

MRI-s And 2nd MRI indicated 2 suspicious areas in left hemisphere


12 core biopsy just came back negative..........


I should be relieved by I am not...with all the other indications, I am concerned with a false negative reading on the biopsy. Would a 2nd Path opinion be of any value ?  My urologist thinks a repeat PSA in 4-6 months is reasonable. I still feel like I'm under a large shadow.


Many thanks for any thoughts, suggestions, or opinions.









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I think I would wait.  All 12 cores came back negative.  Your PSA is low.  Eventually you might have to do. Something, but do. Not stress about it.  Do your homework. And if it comes down. To it know what you want to do.  You might want to change eating habits.  Make sure you get exercise and you might. Just avoid this.

Good luck,


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Go and enjoy life !  Keep and eye open and pray that you don't have to venture down the trail we have and continue to be on.

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The tests you did are typical and the biopsy is negative. This is your present status but no one can tell if you will become a PCa afflicted patient in the future. In straighten terms, we survivors did not have cancer before and got it latter, unless one received it by genetics, and got it since birth as an "aging process".

To consider your findings False Negative at this particular timing, with the date you describe above, is senseless in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. The increase of PSA may be due to other benign causes.
Do check your mind and instead of looking for cancer look for reasons of the data you received. ig;

Have you done urine analyses looking for infection?

Have you taken antibiotics (one month) to clean inflammation?

Did you take/engage in any activity requiring performance-drugs (androgens)?

What about the foods or supplements you are having?

Either you continue the tests your physician is recommending or take medication to pin down the PSA. I would wait and only act if cancer is found. Nevertheless you are the judge of your case.


Here is an interesting article on PSA and PCa3;








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