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First scan after carcinoma sarcoma stage 3C

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My sister in law Kelly just had her first scan, she had surgery and 6 rounds of carbo/taxol, no radiation. PET scan shows all clear, the doctor will follow her every 3 months with CA-125, no talk of another scan. We praise God that the scan shows no cancer, she is doing very well, she worked out and walked most days thru all treatment, never had any sickness, she does have neuropathy in feet but is being treated with accupuncture and IV vitamin C along with some other things.  My question is will CA-125 show cancer in lungs, etc...?  Her ca-125 was never that high too begin with, it is an 8 now.

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Congrats!   Glad to hear the good news. On the CA125 mine was 15 before surgery then it went up but now stays around 11-12. So glad that the chemo treatment did not make her sick.  I had some neuropathy but it did go away after two years now. I do not have any radiation either and I was a stage 3c1 due to the fact that it was in 1 lymph node but so far so good still NED.  After 2 years I still go every 3 months.  Good luck and continue good news. trish

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For Kelly and her team!

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Congrats to your sister in law...very happy to hear this part of the journey is over!!!  

The CA125 marker isn't always good for everyone of us, so might ask her doctor. With me prior to start of chemo it was 500+ and "consistently" came down after all 6 chemo's and the radiation treatments.  Today been steady at 4-12 range...the range to be in is generally <35. As with anything relating to cancer and followup, I'd not soley rely on any one indicator such as the CA125.  

Lungs?  Many docs will do chest xray plus CT scans during followup appts, so best to ask the doc how he/she will proceed.  

Best to you and your sister n law....< src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions//smiley-smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile" border="0" />



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Thanks Trish,

So glad to hear you are cancer free now! 2 years is wonderful. Thanks for the information.



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