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George !

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Playing with the site a bit.  And trying to post a picture of my rescue pet George.  So I included him with me.  He doesn't hold still as you can see from the picture.  He is a 4 yr. old Minpin....and a hand full !  Loves to play, and takes my mind off of lifes bumps.  My lung re-check went real well last week.  I'll be having another CT done in 7 weeks.  I was reading up on cryoblation for mets to the lung.  Interesting....but waiting to see what results others are having down the road with any complications.  The weather is starting to warm up here, which is very welcomed !  Hope we continue to see the NEDS on board here.  And as always my thoughts and prayers are with you all !   Katie

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Let's hope there are no mets to the lungs (or anywhere else) in your case. However, in my case I was not so lucky; and a biopsy proved metastatic lung cancer. Nevertheless, I am being treated with Taxol and Erbitux. After the first 8-weeks, the tumors have shrunk and no new tumors have appeared. So I really hope there will be no mets in your case; but if there are mets, it is just the start of the journey. Rick.

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Hello Rick,

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed on this.  Mets are a very big possibility for me.  But surgery will never be an option again.  With adcc, they can be kept at bay.  Meaning to treat before they get too big. (below 2 cms.)  But continuing to remove them is rediculous as they keep coming back.  But they grow in most cases with my dx, very slowly.  (not always...as I'm losing a few friends to fast progression)  I am so happy to hear your having some success w/tx's Rick.  It seems endless, and I'm going to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  You have been an inspiration to me.   Every time I read on how far you've come and your determination, I feel blessed to have you as a friend.  Hugs sent !   Katie

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kate, i like the new pic.  i love dogs.  they definitely add joy to life.  i'll be praying for no mets to the lungs for you.  i know the waiting is hard but hang in there. 

God bless,


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Cute, and nice photo of you as well....

Hoping good things are in your future soon...


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:)  Praying all is well with the next set of scans and what have you.... I also agree with you on Rick.




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Love the photo of you and George, looks like a handful.


I am very glad your lung re-check went well and hopefully they can treat your condition successfully.  I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes too.


Enjoy the warmer weather.


Best always,



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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to pipe in here, I am doing well !  I am very tired of seeing the doctors....but I guess they know what they are doing right ?  I continue to seek advice on my dx from the wonderful support group accrf.....but my online family here is keeping me inspired to find my new normal.  I post things that are being tried for adcc.  I want to move on with life now.  If I could leave it all behind me and celebrate in the knowledge I have nothing to worry about anymore it would be such a great day !  For today, I'm good.  Thanks for your support it means the world !   Katie 

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a dog named George???????  Why not Fido or Rover or Fifi?  When I saw George! as a subject I thought to myself, what did you do wrong now?

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Katie, this picture is great!!! It's nice to see you, and George of course Smile.

Sending you warm hugs! I say warm also because there's still not any sign of spring in Europe Undecided. Let's hope it finally comes next week as they predict.

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on the east coast across the Pond.  Warmed up yesterday finally but is it here to stay?

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I had to laugh when I saw your post !  I didn't even think when I posted.  The little guy came to us already named George and at 4 yrs. we couldn't change it.  All of our past pets came as pups, and we would name them due to their personalities.  I hope this post finds you well.   Katie

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I can see that George is trying to kiss you....backwards and upside down....LOL.  Wonderful news about your recheck....

Spring is springing here, too....finally!  Lola has the fever....I can tell because she seems to have gone deaf...ha!


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I'm very excited for the warmer weather, except for the mud !   Lola and George would have a blast exploring together, but very messy !   Katie 

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Katie, as a warrior with METS to lung and Mediastynum nodes, prayers and positive thoughts are on the way. I have has 3 dr spots and chemo this week. I totally get the worry and apprehension. I was on a 24 week clinical trial of Erbitux, Carboplatin and 96 hour infusions of 5FU. 12 weeks in I had complete tumor resolution and have enjoyed this over the last 3 six week scans. My last CT 3-4 weeks ago according to the radiologist showed a couple of spots that they say are indicative of aspiration along with some swelling to my nodes. I am moving to Texas in a month and have had 3 appt  this week. All 3 won't say definitely aspiration, but could be. Now comes the very long 2 week wait for my next scan. I don't have a good feeling about this, but what control do I really have? (NONE)

keep the faith and roll with it.

Thinking of you


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He's so very cute and he looks curious so the name George fits him well.

I'm praying for the best of health and results for you.

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Hello Billie !

For the first 6 months we had George I nicked named him Houdini.  My heavens that Dog could run....streak of brown was all I saw !  Broke off 2 harnesses.  (made of cloth, stitches tore)  Thank you for the well wishes....but again, for today I'm good and kickin it.  I'll deal with those darn scans as they come.  I am a bit jealous of the longer spaces others get in between...but what do you do right ?  Hugs sent !   Katie 

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You as well have been such an inspiration of courage and the spirit of fight for me.  I as most don't know what tomorrow will bring.  But I have more an acceptance and peace finally.  I am tucking you in my pocket for a good outcome on that next scan.  Aspiration...yes big issue, but treatable.  Mine has shown several spots of this.  I'm staying busy and doing some spring cleaning.  (yuck !)  I will be thinking only positives for you Mike.  And I am honored to call you a friend !  Hugs sent !   Katie   

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