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Hi mates it is FRIDAY here! Any interesting plan for the weekend ?

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Noting here! Still, cold, ŵindy and still some issues with my chemo !
What about you?

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Kids break up from school for two weeks holiday in England now so it's Easter egg hunts and meeting up with friends on the menu- just wish the weather was a bit warmer!

Hope you are feeing better soon, pepe, have noticed your quietness of late and assume other issues are preoccupying you,


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It's going to start raining here, but at least it's not cold.  Easter celebration on Sunday  but an unexpected death in our church family, so cooking for a visitation / funeral, too.  

We're having ham, baked sweet potatoes, asparagus, black eyed peas, collard greens and corn bread.  Family favorites! 


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My brother had knee surgery that went septic, and is now home on 6 weeks of IV antibiotics before he can have the surgery re-done.  He's miserable.  (He lives about 130 miles from me.)  Then getting my house set up for my upcoming convalescence from shoulder surgery (taking place on Wednesday.)

Last weekend was more fun - I was snorkeling in Curacao (Netherlands Antilles, just off the coast of Venezuela); a last hurrah before my months of limitations and rehab.

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 This weekend we will take some walks in the woods and be thankful for each day we have together. 

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......and start feeling better.

Just got back from my son's doubleheader baseball game. Very meaningful because I missed the whole season last year due to chemo and surgeries.

Easter is at my moms house .....got all the Easter baskets done! All my children and.grandchildren will be there. I am in charge of the Easter egg hunt. 

I hope everyone has a meaningful day tomorrow.....~ Ann

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And 'snuffelmarkten'....*grin*....it's SNOWING and cold....what a strange Easter day!!!!

Also starting to prepare for the 'great switch' (we fly to our other home on Saturday, next...)


Sending big knuffels, my firey Spaniard!!!


Hugs, Kathi