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Clear Scan

adventurebob's picture
Posts: 691
Joined: Jun 2010

After some more chemo and radiation I got a clean PET/CT this week! Coming up on the 3 years docs gave me to live at the most. Unless I fall in a river or off a cliff looks I get to say "I told you so". Never give up.



Posts: 263
Joined: Jun 2012

Wonderful news. It is stories like yours that gives me hope everyday that I will remain NED and live for many more years. Congrats

Skiffin16's picture
Posts: 8185
Joined: Sep 2009

Awesome news young old timer....


peggylulu's picture
Posts: 367
Joined: Dec 2012

Wow That is wonderful news !! Laughing

phrannie51's picture
Posts: 4004
Joined: Mar 2012

Since you get to say "I told you so"....please watch your step!  Great news Bob....lots of NED's this week......it's been a GOOD week!

Congrats.....keep them coming.


D Lewis's picture
D Lewis
Posts: 1564
Joined: Jan 2010

Wonderful news!  So delighted to hear this!  Now, you be careful around those rivers and cliffs; we don't want you disappearing too soon.

Never give up! Never surrender!

Deb (still loving your beautiful back yard...) 


ToBeGolden's picture
Posts: 696
Joined: Aug 2010

I'll say the words with you: All together: "NEVER GIVE UP". Rick.

fishmanpa's picture
Posts: 1157
Joined: Jan 2013

Congrats AB!

When I started my journey, I spoke with a social worker the very first visit (I subsequently went somewhere else for treatment). She basically said the same thing to me. I want to walk into her office in 3 years and tell her to kiss my tush!


Hondo's picture
Posts: 6139
Joined: Apr 2009



Congratulations on the clean PET, just another hurtle to clear in the race of life; and I am so happy to see you still running.


Take care my friend



Billie67's picture
Posts: 834
Joined: Jul 2012

Congratulations! That is amazing news and I'm so happy for you. I just got my 9 month NED today so I too am celebrating.
So great to hear from you by the way. Now whatever you do, stay away from rivers and cliffs!!!


debbiejeanne's picture
Posts: 2895
Joined: Jan 2010

ab, so glad to hear your good news and glad u got 2 say "I  told u so".  keep the great attitude and you'll be fine.

God bless,


Jimbo55's picture
Posts: 572
Joined: Jun 2010

Great news Bob. That is just so good to hear. Keep on keeping on mi amigo. Cheers!


Tim6003's picture
Posts: 1501
Joined: Nov 2011

Very gald to hear that news..and happy for Billie too....



luv4lacrosse's picture
Posts: 1412
Joined: Jul 2010

Great to hear you are choosing to prove the docs wrong. 


please don't fall into the river, we need you here.



Ingrid K's picture
Ingrid K
Posts: 811
Joined: Mar 2011


congrats on your clean scans.

What a wonderful thing for the docs to be wrong about -- NED is in the house.

This has been a record breaking week for NED -- let's keep it up.

Posts: 210
Joined: Sep 2012

Great job Bob...enjoy your NED for many more years....


CivilMatt's picture
Posts: 3265
Joined: May 2012


Great to hear NED News! 


Posts: 1890
Joined: May 2012


Wonderful news !  Yes, they can't give an experation date to any of us !  Job well done !  Hugs sent !   Katie   Cool

Posts: 1367
Joined: Aug 2010

That's wonderful news!

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