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P's middle name....

phrannie51's picture
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Joined: Mar 2012

is NEDette.  That's right.....phrannie Nedette Stevens.....Oncologist just called.....I'm clean and clear.....Damn, what a relief.


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Joined: May 2012

Ride 'em Cowgirl!!!!  I thought I heard a shout of joy from my pocket a few minutes ago.  Congrats!!


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YEAH !!!!

Congrats !!!!


Dennis<*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-smile****" alt="Smile" title="Smile" border="0" />

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I am sooooo absolutely THRILLED for you, now we just have.to wait for Billie!

I was staring to think we had another ENT on vacation like Matt and right before I was gonna send a "What's up?" On you scan announcement, I'm like let me just make sure she didn't update, and there you were our tiny little hummin bird, humming in NED.

So Phrannie Nedette celebrate your night!

Love to you and a loud Thank you Jesus!


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BAM! and BAM AGAIN! Kickin' your heels with NED!


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Nice Goin' Girl!



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Phrannie NEDette,

I am so happy for you... dancing in my kitchen (since it very spacious without any cabinets right now)..  I hope you find a great way to celebrate your news!

Hugs, Kari

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wtg, made my day!!

God bless,


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Always want to hear about the NED's. Great news. Our group needs more good news. Rick.

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I just knew it ! So happy for you and I LOVE your middle name !!

The other P<*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-smile****" alt="Smile" title="Smile" border="0" /><*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-smile****" alt="Smile" title="Smile" border="0" /><*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-smile****" alt="Smile" title="Smile" border="0" />

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Glad you found something great to brighten your day!


 <*** src="/sites/default/files/u187942/colorful_flowers-10706.jpg" width="385" height="288" />

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Hey girl,




Posts: 28
Joined: Feb 2013

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!  So happy to see the news!

CivilMatt's picture
Posts: 3811
Joined: May 2012



Thanks for the check-in and fabulous report.  NEDette, has a nice ring to it.



Billie67's picture
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Loving the name girl! I'm so happy for you , I just let out a big woo~hoo! Got some strange looks from my family and I simply said, "I just heard some awesome news"
Go and celebrate!
Thanks so much for letting us know, I've been thinking about you and knew I'd hear good news...Ms. Phrannie Ned~ette!!

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Congrats , Congrats!!!!

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<*** src="https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR1R9QyzryflWgnYiJHhs4DzvYq8j6FHFOwvb4TY7vUuN6mQaOx" width="222" height="227" />


Posts: 70
Joined: Jan 2013

Yay! Wonderful news!

Skiffin16's picture
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See, didn't I tell you that you were an azz kicker...



VivianLee5689's picture
Posts: 546
Joined: Aug 2012

I am so happy for you.  That is awesome news. 

D Lewis's picture
D Lewis
Posts: 1573
Joined: Jan 2010

You can keep your NEDette, I'm doing the happy dance with NED for you, right here in my kitchen!


wolfen's picture
Posts: 1298
Joined: Apr 2009

The "Naked Happy Dance", we could all post pictures.   NOT!!!

Congrats, P Girl!



Tim6003's picture
Posts: 1506
Joined: Nov 2011

Ned - Head ....get it ....Head & Neck and your NED...LOL...sometimes I just kill me ...hahahahahahaha....

Wonderful news Phrannie ....very happy for you


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Phrannie, this is the news that ABSOLUTELY MADE MY DAY!!! <*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-cool****" alt="Cool" title="Cool" border="0" /><*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-cool****" alt="Cool" title="Cool" border="0" /><*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-cool****" alt="Cool" title="Cool" border="0" />

Soooo happy for you I can't even explain it! You go girl!! I knew it! There was just not any other option!

Now go outside and enjoy your life!!! Wish you many more NEDs in the future!!

I actually dance (in my head) here in my office <*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-laughing****" alt="Laughing" title="Laughing" border="0" />!


Duggie88's picture
Posts: 687
Joined: Feb 2010

Congrats Phrannie ...........Sounds like it would be time for Jack (No not "T's" Jack) or maybe some Irish stuff like Jameson. I am always glad and thank the big man for a kick ass results but really..............Pfrannie...............damn is the best you can come up with?  Being I am a Teamster I have been forced to expand my vocabulary a bit......well maybe I won't go there so close to Good Friday. Sounds like you had a Fabulous Wednesday...................I certainly hope to hell your still celebrating.

Enjoy today...................it's your last one until tomorrow


yensid683's picture
Posts: 288
Joined: Apr 2012

doesn't it feel like a large weight has slipped from your shoulders?  I am so happy for you!



fisrpotpe's picture
Posts: 1349
Joined: Aug 2010

Dawn Nedette that is wonderful news, Congrats!


Ingrid K's picture
Ingrid K
Posts: 813
Joined: Mar 2011

Way to go P ----

(I think I am dating myself with that title..wasn't there a song like that way back when ?)


VERY VERY GOOD NEWS...and NED(ette) is in your house now, so throw her a big party.

so happy for you, now you can relax a bit.


MarineE5's picture
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I echo the words above

Ya-Hoo Hoo Hoo....

NED-ette ette ette....

Posts: 1914
Joined: May 2012


I've been waiting to hear....and now doing the happy dance !  Well done P !  Continued Nedettes forever and a day !  <*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-cool****" alt="Cool" title="Cool" border="0" />  Katie

tommyodavey's picture
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NED, NED, bow bed, banana fana fo fed, me my moe med, NED!




I just can't fathom it's been a year already.  With all you went through, you kept the good attitude and humor comin' our way.  We/I were so worried about you because you just didn't have enough weight to get hit that hard.  But you did it girl, and came through fine and dandy.  Thank God it is over for you and may you keep that name forever.



hwt's picture
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Joined: Jun 2012

I am so happy for you...you truly deserve to celebrate! NED makes all that nastiness you suffered worthwhile.

Posts: 1104
Joined: Jan 2011

Thank you for sharing the good news with us.  You go girl!

phrannie51's picture
Posts: 4479
Joined: Mar 2012

Telling my husband and mys sisters was great of course....they did so much for me while I was in treatment....but telling you guys   allows me to feel the wash....a TOTAL wash of relief, cuz you all know precisely how nerve wracking the scans can be..... that once you've been told you have cancer, an innocence is lost forever....the "bad things happen to the other guy" doesn't exist anymore. 

It's been all of you guys who have made this a truly doable trip.....the luck I had in finding this site right away, finding all of you.....is what made my treatment doable.....the incredible information, the many warm fuzzies, the comraderie, and the laughter gave me what I needed to help put it all behind me....emotionally and physically..........Thank you all.....again and again. 


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That's great news! I'm at a conference but stopped back in my hotel room to check in, hoping you'd post an update. So glad to see it! :-)

Posts: 660
Joined: Mar 2012

There had been reports of excessive dancing in the kitchens around the United States , we have determined the phenomana is due to a beautiful lady who received her NED recently.  There is no reason for alarm, the dancing should subside soon, or maybe not.  We have also had reports of peoples pockets full of something called P51 again nothing to be alarmed about its been determined it is the same beautiful lady causing the kitchen phenomana.  You go girl, we knew you didnt have it in ya LOL.

Pam M's picture
Pam M
Posts: 2196
Joined: Nov 2009

Dogs trip me.  Limited to chair dancing for the time being.  I LOVE to hear "NED".  Go on wid your bad self Phrannie N.

Posts: 269
Joined: Jun 2012

So happy for you! I love hearing NED, I was praying for you. Celebrate!

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Posts: 674
Joined: Dec 2011

fizz,fizz~~oh, what a relief it is!!

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