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Has anyone had Surgery for nasal adhesions after treatment for NPC????

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My husband had Nasopharyngeal Cancer, diagnosed in 09/10 with mets to the lymph nodes and liver.  He has been NED, since finishing treatment- Praise God!! He has had a consistent problem with nasal and sinus infections, which the ENT Doc contributes to scaring from the radiation treatment.  The Dr is recommending surgery due to a chronic infection.  My husband is a little anxious about futher treatment and the Dr said it would be a 4 hour surgery to clean all the sinus's etc.  Has anyone else had this surgery or problem?  Or there any alternative solutions that can be offered?  Thank you for any response.  He has an appointment in the AM with the ENT to discuss surgery. 


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I wish I could help you but beng 12 yrs out since NPC stage 3, I have not had anyone sugguest to me. I have ton of post nasal drip, but nothing they seem concerned about. Good luck tomorrow, hopefully someone will have information for you, or maybe ENT can connect you to someone he has treated in this matter to see if it helped or a second opinion.

Prayers going up for hubby,


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Thank you for replying. Looks like surgery. CT revealed sinuses are clogged and have multiple adhesions. Per the Dr he will feel much better after cleaning out the sinus. I appreciate you responding and congrats on 12 years out!!! That's awesome!

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I had the surgery 1 year after my radiation to my sinus areas.  I was getting sinus infection every other month, headaches.. I was miserable.  They removed all the scar tissue and I can honestly say -- WOOW.  I could tell the difference and was sooo happy.  I still have a tough time with my sinus' swelling and not draining, so I am on an ointment type antibiotic that I put in my nose, small dose, but (knock on wood) I started this in September 2012 and I have had no sinus infections.. :) 

So get the surgery - It was very easy, even though I was stressed about it, felt fine in a couple days.  They put stents in my nose to keep the passages open, which were removed about a week or so later -- but I dont regret it one bit.  Remember, to always make sure they send anything coming form this area to the patholigist for testing.

Good luck

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I know it's been awhile since this post, but I wanted to Thank You for responding.  I am going to let my husband read this Today!  He keeps backing out of surgery.  He has continued to be on high powered antibiotics for recurrent infections.  He will appreciate your positive post.  He is still getting PET scans every 4mths and he keeps saying after the next PET scan, I will have the surgery.  I know he would feel better if he can get a handle on these infection's.  Hope you are doing well. 

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Different cancer,but treatment to same area.  Last year I had to haave my eye removed due to cancer on the optic nerve.  2 weeks into treatment (chemo and rads)  I had an abcess to the maxillary sinus.  Had surgery (a week off of treatment).  I have had sinus infections since.  Used nasal rinse daily, felt like I was blowing my brains out!  Just finished a dose of antibiotic 2 weeks ago and finally feeling normal (or new normal).  I have scans coming up next month, will see how I am doing.  Hopefully surgery will help open things up.

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