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first 6 month scans

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My first 6 months scans are coming up on Friday. Will be glad to get them done and hope all is ok. I am having a little anxiety about this but have a good feeling about it.  I am concerned about a new problem I have with my foot.  The top of my foot started hurting 3 weeks ago and i went to podiatrist and had it checked out  he thought bone on top of foot was pressing on nerves.  So I go back for checkup this past week and my heel has been hurting real bad and is very swollen.  Doc said that is not normal. He thinks my heel is fractured and put my leg and foot in an aircast walking boot  and is waiting til I have the scans done on fri for kidney then he wants to do an mri on foot.  Dont know whats going on  very puzzling for I have not injured my foot.  So asking for prayers from you that these scans will be ok on fri and foot will be ok.   THanks  Sue

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Your tumor was very small so I am hoping for a NED in your future.

I had similar foot pains about 8 years after my surgery and it turned out to be Gout which can be determined by a simple blood test for Uric acid which any doctor can order. Gout is one of the side effects of imperfect kidney numbers and can be cured by medication and diet.

As for the MRI I had one for a knee injury last summer. No relation to any Kidney issues.

Hope all turns out well.



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You are a caring, empathic man!  Thank you for your care!

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I'm sure all will be ok,  I feel good about the scans.  Thank you for ur reply.

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I'm sure all will be ok,  I feel good about the scans.  Thank you for ur reply.

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Keep a good thought.  I think we all tend to think the worst when something doesn't feel right or doesn't seem to have a simple explanation.  I know I go into panic mode quite often.  99% of the time, it all turns out to be nothing.

I will say an extra Prayer for you.  Please keep us updated after your scan.  Looking forward to hear good news!

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Had ct scan today and all is very good. NED.  Thanks to all for ur thoughts and prayers.

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Of course we get some very sad news here, but just lately most of it is very good news. Thank you for bringing us still more.

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Great job Brea!  Keep up with future testing.

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Its sooooooo nice to hear good news.  Congrats.

Eims x

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