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I just want to say a big thank you to you Greta for all that you've done for this board and for all that you're still doing for it.

Today's clean up by you was much appreciated!


Sue  :)

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Yes, thank you Greta!
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Ditto from me. 

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Christmas Girl
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... from me, too.

Kind regards, Susan

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Alexis F
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Thanking you too Greta.  I know it isn't easy to control what happens on the site and you do an excellent job!


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for your patience as we do battle with spammers. CSN continues to be besieged by spammers of every kind--those whose sole objective is to grind it to a halt by sending it on endless snipe hunts (i.e. searching for non-existent pages) in order to sell anti-spam software and consulting services, artifically inflat the keyword value of certain items for speculators, flood CSN with trash, solicit subjects for research and attempt to scam innocent people via CSN private messages. 

Please, everyone, if you see spam or suspect that something isn't quite up to snuff with a post, flag it! Flagging a post does not cause it to be deleted or affect a member's account status. It only brings the post to our attention for review. Only CSN staff determine whether a post is a violation or if an account needs to be inactivated. It is completely anonymous so members don't need to worry about others finding out if they flagged something.

Take care!


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Thanks again Greta!  I do have a question for you, can you put the delete option back please? 

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