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Had my every six week CT this past Friday and saw my doc this morning. My neck and throat was clear and my lungs had several spots that for now my doc is calling Aspiration Pneumonia. The spots are "ground glass and opaque" in appearance. I hope this is the case as I have enjoyed an "all clear" status for a couple of months. I do have a history of this and have had reflux while I sleep and know I probably aspirate on a regular basis. Doc also says my cancer is stable, whatever that means??

i guess the next scan will determine if I hit blackjack or fold.


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Your next scan will be blackjack !!!!  :) 


Glad to hear it Mike...very happy on this news my friend.



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I'm shooting for Gold baby...


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This report is fantastic !  I was given ned by my medical oncologist....but stable disease by my ENT.  Potato's patatos.....I can live with stable disease, as mine is one that is more often than not reoccurring.  You sound upbeat and strong !  Continued clear scans for you !  The lungs they'll keep an eye on.....sounds very similar to my reports, only I have more nodes.  Stay strong Mike !   Katie

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Glad to hear your news! Cheers to more "all clear" statuses! Smile

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Stable sounds good to me!  Glad to hear that Bro’!



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Good report!  Keep getting better!



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Great News to hear Mike! congrats!


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Great, great news.  Thanks for sharing!



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Hi Mike -

It's good to hear things are stable and clean. You've still got a road ahead and the scans are gonna be a bit scarey at times. Take it as it comes and deal with it as you have to. There's every reason to believe you'll get thru it all with only the minor souvenirs that all us H&N'ers have to work with.

As far as the reflux, you must get that checked out. I don't know if you had a PEG tube - but our treatments make us susceptible to reflux and inflammation that can lead to a condition know as Barrett's Esophagus which is a complication from recurring reflux. I ended up with it myself and control it with Nexium - gonna be a lifetime Rx for me.

Best to get to a gasroenterolgist and have a discussion. Persistent inflammation and reflux is not a good thing.

Wishing you continued health and a quick recovery!

- Jeff

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Thanks for your input. I have been on a daily dose of Nexium for years and about 6 months ago was also put on a nighttime dose. I also had a PEG for 5-7 months but never put two and two together. A big part of my issue is probably twofold, from time to time I forget to take my nighttime dose of Nexium and also eat dinner some nights too late. The other problem with aspiration came after my ENT did my surgery. He did nothing wrong, but to get clean margins he had to remove allot of tissue. When I eat, I can blow my nose and the only thing that blows out is my meal, so I bet when I inhale through my nose I can send food down my Trachea. I have had probably a dozen scans that reveal a foreign body in my lungs.



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Congrats on awesome news! Nothing better than an all clear!

About your aspiration? What have they done for that, how is your swallow? That is my problem now, I have peg and only allowed to eat and dring
K though it so I don't get aspiration pnuemonia again and again. I also used to sneeze and food would come out my nose, I used to say that if I had done cocaine it would have killed my NPC cancer before I knew it because that would've burned out my nasal cavaity as well as the rads did..

Curious, what your experience is and what your docs say about it. I also have acid reflux another gift from my treatment 12yrs ago, it developed during the ocurse of rads in 2000. Let me know please...and again



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Sounds like great news.



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Sounds very promising. Happy for you! Keep the good news coming..........


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Keep going strong and I will continue to pray for these good results.

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time to carry on!



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Always like to hear great news. Rick.

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I see blackjack in your future!!!!   Glad to hear the Dr's like what they see.  You are going to beat this Mike!  Stay focused.

All the best,


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So happy for the all clear!


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D Lewis
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Blackjack it is, then!  Thanks for sharing the good news.


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always happy to hear good news.  congrats!

God bless.


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Pam M
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Great news!  Loving it.

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congrats Mike, just what you needed to hear. continue with your fight and belief of you doctor. 

no need to fold, play on 


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Stable is good.. i see a Blackjack in your future..

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Great Mike-his to a soild "21" next time


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So glad to hear and celebrate your good news!  I will say a prayer for a favorable deck.. you are doing great!


Keep us posted!


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I am so glad to hear your news. 

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I can't wait until Russ is able to get an all clear.  Keep on keep'n on as they say.


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I can't wait until Russ is able to get an all clear.  Keep on keep'n on as they say.


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Kent Cass
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St.Louis, or not St.Louis (which I prefer!)- this is great news that I am truly glad to hear. Ol C shoulda known his chances in this 2nd fight still were in your favor-YES!



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