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night time cancer/money thoughts!

Sisters three
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Bills pile up. This doctor, that surgeon,this anesthesiologist......health insurance deductible goes up due to new government health care plan that is suppose to help you not hurt you. Yikes, with spring allergies keeping me awake and money on my mind I wish and pray we all can achieve better health for MANY reasons. it's 3:30 in the morning and I hope the rest of you are asleep with sweet dreams!!!!!


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Many of the same concerns!  But a new late night problem cropped up with the youngest boy.  He's home from college for Spring Break.  Gets a call from his girl friends brother, crying hystericaly.  They are five hours away from us.  A drunk driver T-boned his girl friend and now she is in the hospital with head injurys.  So off to Austin my 19 year old son went at 2 am!  If all this other stuff doesn't kill us, our kids will!  Don't know why I am not dead yet...he is number six!  LOL  Best, Debrajo

Sisters three
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Joined: Nov 2012

Awful news, I pray she comes through okay. Wow six! if you can do that you can survive anything!


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I do hope she will be ok.  I guess you didn't sleep at all with worrying about her and having your son on the road in the middle of the night.  I trust you got word he arrived safely.  I guess that should be right about now.

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Worrying about cancer bills SUCKS! Anything, allergies included, keeping you up when you should be sleeping is the pits! I've got a large deductible too and get so tired of the endless bills for every little thing stacking up!


Debrajo......I hope everything works out ok for your son's girlfriend! I'm sure you were wide awake all night with worry about them!


Hope all you ladies have a peaceful day after such a loooooong night! It's my first day of spring break and I'm just trying to figure out what I should tackle first! Course, here I am on the computer.......oh well!





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Sorry Debrajo about your son's girlfriend.  That sure puts things in place on life even with the younger generation.  Hated to read that one, and hope you'll keep us posted.

Cancer bills, etc....we all have them.  Husband and I are both self employed and have individual coverage, so the rates are generally higher with higher deductibles, not as good as GROUP coverage.  I'm always dealing with medical bills as have to pay prior to meeting the high deductible, which we never hit.  Have no choice, so just get used to paying them.

New Obamacare plan doesn't really sound good, but according to my friend who is a broker in the insurance industry...the powers to be still don't know all the specifics.  We as consumers should see some good/bad in this all.  What scares me, even though they tell us about coverage for "pre existing", how much more will it cost us?  One point my friend gave to me, some companies including Anthem are offering NOW some downgrade options without underwriting in hopes they keep you thru the health care reform.  Call your broker and ask about this option, as I like it since they're not going back thru underwriting with my pre existing.  

Hang in there as who said life would be easy???


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Kathy G.
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I hear you about the bills. Just got mine for the surgery...$14k! I met my deductible already w/all the pre-op testing & prior annual dr. appts, but that is $1500 with my policy! Now I am faced w/the 20% co-pays!

And I don't make that much money!!!

We already struggle with my husband's ongoing doctor bills as he has been on disability since he was 38 and needs ongoing treatments.

I really hate to think about how we are going to pay my incoming bills now in addition to his. But fortunately my bills will not include anything more than the 3 months internals. I don't know how other ladies on this board do it. However, I really am at a place where I am not going to let this get to me like I would have in the past. I feel SO lucky things were not more serious!

I work for a non-profit agency and one of the direct hits we took w/ObamaCare was being told we had to cut back all part time employees to under 25 hours/week b/c if they exceed 37.5 hours (we have 24 hr facilities so staff gets called in alot for unexpected coverage!) it would cost the agency too much to continue operating as they would have to pay health benefits.I am sure this is Labor Law stuff in addition to the impact of the new health care plan.  I know there are benefits as well as drawbacks to this healthplan, but I don't see anyone w/pre-existing conditions benefitting, but I will try to remain optimistic....

DebraJo, sorry to hear about your family situation. I know what you mean about our kids....I love mine to death, but even full grown the worries never stop! I hope you are faring better with your situation with your mom and stepdad. I pray for you often!

This board continues to act up where I can't get on or duplicates posts and I can't get in to correct. Anyone else still having this problem?


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They said chemo and radiation will make you tired (which it does) and sleep a lot (which it would if other things weren't on my mind).  There were nights when I do sleep, but for the most part I sit up worrying how I am going to pay all the bills.  I am my only income and being on disability stinks because everyone still wants their money.  I try not to let it bring me down because it is not worth it.  But I know I will need to pick up a second job just to pay the medical bills off this year.  I know some companies will work with you.  My student loan company deferred my payments which helps a lot, but the payments are tacked on to the end of the loan so I end up paying more interest in the long run.  My favorite saying is "It is what it is".  I should get it tattooed somewhere.  LOL 

DebraJo hope all goes well for your family.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Thank all of you for the thoughts and especially the prayers!  Son's girl friend is going to be ok.  She took a little too long to wake up and has got a nasty bump on her forehead.  They will release her after 24 hours,  

We are probable an older couple than most of you.  My husband has always worked construction and I am a stay at home mon so money has always been a big issue, and we usually don't have insurance between jobs.  Some of you "know my husband".  His attitude is "they can't refuse you treatment and they can't eat you if you pay the bills too slowly, so don't sweat it"  He is better at this than me, but the older I get the more I don't care if "they" ruin my credit...please!   Best to all, and thanks for the prayers!  Debra

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I worked out a payment plan with the hospital when I had my surgery, $100 a paycheck but it worked out to $200 a month since I got paid twice a month.  I feel like I have ok insurance, could it be better yes, but it also could be a lot worst. 

Debrajo, I love your attitude.  The statement of the older I get the more I don't care if they ruin my credit, made me laugh.

Praying for all the ladies on this site. trish

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Happy to hear all is well.  Brain injuries can be serious so sounds like she was one of the lucky ones...good deal!

Thinking we're finding most insurance isn't like it used to be...higher deductibles, higher co-pays and more of us with only emergency insurance or no insurance at all.  I have the high deductible and always asking for payment plan and I suggest what I want to pay...who cares!  Some docs will force us to pay more, but I explain my situation and even throw in the "I have cancer card" which tends to really work.



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Glad to hear all is well.  She was in our prayers.

I was one of the lucky ones.  Not only did we catch it early, (Just a hysterectomy, no other treatment necessary,  just pap test and exam every three months) I had double insurance.  My husband's insurance through work and my insurance through work.  Plus about 7 years ago, never thinking I would use it, I took out an AFLAC Cancer policy.  I got one big check through them just to help me with things, which was almost $9000 and then I get so much for a hysterectomy, so much for each day spent in the hospital, exams, ect.  Someone was watching out for me.  We were very blessed.  I really don't know what we would have done otherwise. 

I wish all of you the best and will keep you in my thougts  and prayers.

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