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8 years stage four, NED

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 It's been 8 years since I was d'xed with stage four cc, mets to the liver. I'm still NED. This board helped me get through so much. I was on it morning day and night. I'm so glad it is still here, and that people still reach out to eachother. My thoughts and positive energy go out to everyone who needs it on this board.





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Congrats on 8 years! It's always great to hear good news!
Sandy :)

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You give hope to many here who are just newly diagnosed (or a loved one) stage 4. You know how shocking it is to get that diagnosis, and now you can share the joy of being 8 years NED.

So very glad that you have posted. 

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Thank you so much for posting your update. That's wonderful. My daughter was diagnosed at age 32 with a 7 week old baby, her first. Stage IV, numerous liver mets. She is doing very well 1.5 years later - she was very sick then. Like you, she was extremely anemic and had to have quite a few blood transfusions right after being diagnosed. This was at the same time as she was discharged by her OB-Gyn with a "clean bill of health" even though she had a massive blood clot in her leg that they knew about, had lost weight the last two months of the pregnancy, diarrhea, etc. I need to hear stories like yours and some of the others to know this can happen. Thank you so much.


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Thank you for taking the time to post. We all need a story like yours for inspiration.

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Great news for you!  I am 18 months out NED from a Stage IV diagonisis in December 2010. I have my next scan this coming Monday and praying for continued success.  Your post was inspiring! 

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Congratulations. Eight years is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.


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Congratulations on your eight years.... I too was diagnosed at age 38 with stage 4... Had liver mets as well.  It's been 9 years for me... I wonder if anyone I used to talk to is still on here.  

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What a wonderful thread this is.

So many good stage 4 reports. 

Congrats on your nine years, Doreen. 

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Trying to remember some people on here Stacey, Spongebob......

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Lots of us are still here....and also lots are gone.  I just celebrated 11 yrs clear in January.  Doctor even called me cured, but I still don't stop looking for the other proverbial shoe to drop.  Stage 4 with liver mets, diagnosed at age 33.  I don't hang here too often becaue it's a whole new group of people.  That is both good and bad.  Good that support is still strong for those in the fight, but bad because people are still fighting this crazy disease.  Scouty, Lisa Perrin, Suzanne, Emily, Ron(50), Debbie, Joann, Katie and Spongebob are all still around.  My bffs Kerry, Bud, Jerseysue, Jana, Mark (Limey) still leave a huge hole in my heart...

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Thank you so much for this today.  We all need to hear good news as often as possible! 

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and sharing your continued good news.    

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for sharing your story of hope and encouragement ... congratulations on 8 years of NED.

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for sharing your story of hope and encouragement ... congratulations on 8 years of NED.

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That is SO wonderful! My husband Jason was diagnosed w/ stage 4 w/ 1 met to his liver & also peritoneal involvement the last of January. They did surgery but once in they discovered that the tumor was actually much larger than they thought so they closed him back up & he is doing chemo now, in hopes of shrinking the tumor enough to remove it. Stories like yours are the reason I joined this site....just proves there IS hope!

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Thank you for your post.  It gives me hope that my husband CAN survive this!

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Just want to say thank you to all for sharing their stories.  Each day is a blessing and I hope my husband can be around to share his story years from now and encourage others.  Thanks again and wishing all of you the best.

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