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I am fighting Stromal Cell Ovarian Cancer

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I have signed up for this site a long time ago and just realized I never posted - So... Here I am.. This is me.

I began my journey of ovarian cancer on 9/4 when I went into the emergency room with what was believed to kidney stones. They performed a cat scan and came back to say “good news no kidney stones” Bad new… “There is something that they see that I will want to follow up with my primary doctor”. The next day my doctor called to say “when can you come in”. I was home from work due to the ER visit and said what about today? He said good. I knew this was not good news, he never called me at home.

When I went in he said that he was concerned about the things they saw on the cat scan and wanted to have a biopsy scheduled. He gave me the number of a surgeon and 2 weeks later I was on the table. I woke after surgery to my sister crying and saying “You have ovarian cancer”. I looked at her and said, ok.. how do we kick it’s ass?

Since this I have had 4 surgical procedures including a full hysterectomy, removal of the omendum and scraping of the colon – and today, I completed my 6th and final round of carbol/taxol. After the surgery I was informed that I have Stromal Cell Ovarian Cancer, and that chemo has not been know to help with fighting this form of ovarian cancer. But, I also knew that it had worked in a few and if I didn’t do this, 10 yrs from now when I would be dying from this .. I would say “what if I had tried” and I did not want to regret any part of my life. And I know the chemo is working. My CA-125 began at 99 (due to the stromal cell – it is very slow growing and not aggressive – has been there at least 10 years) and in the last count my CA-125 is 13.

While the final chemo treatment went GREAT today, I also had some great news! I learned recently from a wonderful group of ladies something I did not know. Cancer is not only graded 1, 2, 3, and 4 they are also classified ABC. I learned that I am B! What does this mean:

Stage B is the next classification for Stages of ovarian cancer, and is harder to treat than Stage A. Again, the N and M number are 0, which means there is no cancer in the lymph nodes or in distant parts of the body. However, the T number of b means there is cancer present in both ovaries and visible cancer in the abdomen that is smaller than 2 centimeters.

It’s NOT in my lymph nodes!! So, the chemo is attacking the cancer where it can get it! YEA!

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Congrats on the good news! Keep up the fight!

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