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repost of groove question

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I've had this groove in my poop since prior to diagnosis and assume that it was the tumor. But I still have it. I feel confident that the tumor was "killed" and that my cancer is cured and will have biopsies when the time is right just to satisfy my gastroenterologist's curiosity (but not a PET scan because the risk/benefit analysis --mine-- has led me to that decision.) So the thing is, I'm curious about this groove, though not alarmed by it. Has anyone had a groove like this prior, and most importantly, post treatment?

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This could possibly be caused by scar tissue.  Most of us probably have a certain bit of scar tissue after this treatment. 

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yeah, maybe.  It's the same groove I had from the tumor. 

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I had a groove or what I called a divot. My divot disappeared at about 3 weeks into radiation treatments but at times I still see a slanted groove.  I was told is being caused by a small hemmie and I do know I have scar tissue in the same area which could be causing it as well.

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Hmm.  Well, I've had internal hemmoroids in the past and even thought that the bleeding I had pre Dx was another one, but it turned out to be the tumor. I assume that the groove that I have is the same one that I had, and that that was the tumor.  I assume that it's dead tumor and not dividing tumor, just because I assume that the thing is taken care of and cured.  Since I'm opting not to have a PET scan, I'll have to rely upon biopsies to confirm that but I imagine that when I do, my gastroenterologist will be able to tell me what's causing the groove. But the groove is most definitely, still there, as is the remainder of the pain that I feel, which I can place at the tumor site.  Time will tell, I guess, what's what.

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