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Chemo canceled again.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Joined: Sep 2010

Hi everyone,

My chemo was canceled again on Tues.  And yes, again it was low WBC.  My doc and I are working to find a regular neupogin pattern/dose that will work for me.  I'm hoping to do this round of chemo on Friday...I'm still playing phone tag with the chemo schedule person.



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Bella Luna
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I will keep my fingers crossed that your WBC picks up so that you can have chemo on Friday.  Hugs and prayers to you dear Linda.

CypressCynthia's picture
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Joined: Oct 2009

Oh shoot Linda, I know you are disappointed!  I am praying that they get this resolved.  Big hugs!

aysemari's picture
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I hope your counts will be up, I sure wish you didn't need the chemo but that is our next goal. let's get you through this one first. Keep us posted and stay strong and always in touch with us. sending you a big huge hug


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Dear Linda,

I am so very sorry it happen again.  I do hope a new pattern for a shot will be of some help.

Keep us posted,

Best to you as always,


Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

I hope you get the chemo soon.I try my best to keep up with you and your journey.

I also seem to be low on some vitamins.I take my vitmans but not sure I am doing the right dose.I quit my IV vitamin therapy to get a break and wonder if what I take orally are working.In the morning when I get out of bed I get dizzy but fine after that. Might go back to the IV this coming week.I can get in within a day or 2. No wonder probably no ones wants to get them.I know I don't but probably need to.

Wishing you the best.Those tests were better recently so I think within a few days you'll have your treatment.  

Lynn Smith 

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It is so hard to keep the blood counts up when you have so much chemo!  It always scared me when it would drop so low as I knew that I was ripe to pick up anything and everything.  Hope you were able to get it today. 



Gabe N Abby Mom's picture
Gabe N Abby Mom
Posts: 2415
Joined: Sep 2010

Carol, thanks for checking in and keeping up.  Sometimes I can't keep up, so I'm always impressed when others remember my schedule.  I ended up having the blood infusion on Friday.  We're going to try for chemo on Tuesday.  (I'm going to stop thinking of chemo as a for sure thing.)  So we do another blood test on Monday....so go the lives of the chemo queens.



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darn WBC counts --  they can be so persnickety.  I hope and pray that your WBC replenish, quickly.  Hoping things change for the better, very soon.

You are such an INSPIRATION for all of us ... Best wishes for you, dear Linda.


Vicki Sam

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I'll be there with you Monday and Tuesday!!!  Big (((hugs)))!  Let us know how it goes.

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I hope they can figure it out for you soon.Do you know your wbc count? mine was 0.3 I am new to all of this . Also does the Neupogen give you bone and muscle pains?

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Sorry your WBC is low and you are unable to have chemo.  When I was on chemo and taking nuprogen shots I took them for 10 days after chemo (I had it every two weeks).  I still ended up having low WBC's myself and as I said had two blood transfusions.  I know you have had one already so I hope you can find a dose that works better for you.  I know it is not easy and just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. 



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