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3rd Update

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Hi most wonderful people


Some of you will surely remember my few posts at the time of panic. To those I am most grateful. Here is the rest of my story:

 I Had my laparoscopic surgery on the 23rd of December 2012 (tumor resected and I was batched right on site). Staged IIA. Later when seeing the onc, I was given two options: wait and see OR Xeloda. If Xeloda is the choice then the treatment should start in 4-8 weeks. Statistics says it is best during this time window.

 Having earlier sent my medical records to Mayo, I grabbed my travel suitcase and back-bag, and flew to Rochester MN for my appointment on the 23rd of January 2013. There I had blood works, and all scans (no PET) to make sure things are what I am told were. On the 24th I met the oncologist and reviewed the results. They were clean. In terms of treatment, he said it is much better if I do what they call the “Standard Treatment”: leucovorin, 5-FU, and oxaliplat (12 cycles over 6 months). He said this option is, statistically, much better than the "wait and see."

On returning home, I reviewed those suggestions with my onc and he said the choice is mine. And he concurs with the merits of taking the treatment option. Up to that moment, all tests and blood work are clean; I am better health-wise, and BM getting back to normal.


Weighing all things, I chose the treatment and started last week (February 11). Xeloda makes it easier than infusion. Only oxaliplat takes me back to the hospital for 3-4hours/a month for infusion.


Xeloda: sides effects after 9 days of treatment:  constipation and so far only painless spots of peeling skin of both hands. Any suggestions on peeling skin?


Thank you all



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So very glad to hear the good news on all the testing.  Getting that second opinion was also a good move, because it gave you more information to work with in making your decision.

As for the skin peeling.  Here in the USA, a lot of folks will use products called Bag Balm or Udderly Smooth which actually happen have been created for farmers to use on cow udders.  The farmers found that it worked wonders on keeping their hands smooth.  These products are primarily lanolin based.  People have found that by applying at night to hands and feet and then covering with cotton  gloves/socks that it keeps the skin super moisturized and helps prevent the cracking and peeling.

Here one can get it at some drug stores, but I also know that it is available via some major web sites.  The cost for a container is very reasonable.  In fact you may find you have to pay more to ship it to you than the product costs.

Wishing you much success with your treatments and continued good health.


Marie who loves kitties

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I was counting on your expertise and response when I wrote. In an hour or so I will be visiting the closest pharmacy with (bag balm) writ large. Your contributions have always been most helpful and I cannot thank you (and others) enough.


Bless you and bless your kitties



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When I went on Xeloda I was given a "promotional package" ,  not sure why xeloda would need a promotional marketing package .... but it came with a nice neoprene bag that contained pill sorter  and that udder cream  and it worked well,  I had no issues with my hands or feet,  but when the corners of my thumbs would get dry and cracked I used it. 

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Hi ladies, butting in on your conversation here.  I am a cattle rancher and I LOVE Udder Balm.  The bag balm is more sticky like vasoline but the Udder Balm is like rubbing soft butter into your hands only soaks in well.  You can get it in a feed store or probably from a vet, if you have either in your vacinity.


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thanks for sharing. I wonder how long into treatment did your thumbs become an issue. the palm of my hand (thumbs inlcuded) shows these small peeling spots. I wonder if that gets worse if not attended to.


Best wishes


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Brenda Bricco
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My husband used Aquaphor and says that it made all the difference.

I hope you find your solution asap. Laughing


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Thanks Brenda for the suggestion


drug stores do not carry Bag Balm; I have to check animal med-supplies in a day or two.


I will today check drug stores if they carry Aquaphor.


Thanks again



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My husband loves the Bag Balm, but now has switched to Aquaphor (by Eucerin).  The pharmacist recommended this and he loves it.  Aquaphor is not as greasy as the Bag Balm.   He applies Aquaphor or Bag Balm then wears gloves with one of these every night.  I have used Aquaphor and it works great for dry skin, but I dont have cancer.  Almost all the drug stores here in Nevada have Bag Balm but sometimes they keep it behind the counter.   The bad thing is these cancer drugs just keep causing the skin to crack.

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I could not find Bag Balm but Aquaphor is as or more efficient as/than BB. My first trip to the pharmcy was not successful enough. The pharmacist however told me where to get it.


Thank you again

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