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My mother is newly diagnosed! Looking for best ENT/thoracic surgeon at MD Anderson Houston tx

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Hello, my mother has been a survivor for 9 years of Squamous cell carcinoma in epiglottis! she began rapid weight loss that lead to biopsy and now it is back on the back wall of her larynx! We went to doctor yesterday and now he is saying high chance it's in esophagus. I would like to know what surgeons people would recommend! Thank you

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I have heard several people mention Dr. Wayne L. Hofstetter at MD Anderson for thoracic surgery. Best of luck! 

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Dr Hofstetter performed my Ivor Lewis Surgery in Nov 2012.  He is a top notch surgeon.  Has a great Physician's Assistant that you see some on office visits.  I had a personality clash with his attending physician but Hofstetter knows his stuff.

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Thank you so much for the information.