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NO DOOM & GLOOM ~ Speckled Perch ~ Crappie Fishing

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<*** src="/sites/default/files/u107897/CM.jpg" alt="Camp Mack" title="amp Mack" width="499" height="304" />

Camp Mack ~ Lake Kissimmee

<*** src="/sites/default/files/u107897/JG_0.jpg" alt="JG" title="JG" width="479" height="286" />


<*** src="/sites/default/files/u107897/KC.jpg" alt="KC" title="KC" width="297" height="373" />


These were from this past week-end... Karen is a friend of Shelley my wife. Karen likes to fish, where Shelley is more a girly girl...LOL.

Hurry up, get through with your treatments, or just a visit to Florida and look me up.

Even a Bad Day of Fishing, is better than a Good Day at work...

Best ~ John


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Fishing and hunting were my hubby's passion before illness slowed him down. He could outfish me in a heartbeat. But I still enjoyed it also. I was never a hunter, although some women are. I'd just as soon scare the game away. LOL

Looks like you had a great time.



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soooo jealous, Lake Erie still has ice!

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Ingrid K
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Great pics, John !

looks like you had a good day.

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The fish fry pics ~drool~ (while I still can!)

Are you using artificials or live bait to nab them babies?


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It would be similar to what you have already seen... Specks (crappie) just go with Cheese Grits for me, LOL... Grouper, flounder, pompano, redfish, trout,,snapper, etc...can be fixed a variety of ways.

Specks are deep fried with cheese grits on the side, LOL....and more than likely a cold one close by...

OK, what the hey, I'm not one to disappoint...

<*** src="/sites/default/files/u107897/SP%26G.jpg" alt="Specks & Grits" title="Specks & Grits" width="441" height="427" />

Minnows, Extending Cane (fiberglass) Poles, and a slip float bobber...


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Skiffin & Karen,


Mega doom and gloom for the fish, but we gotta eat. 


My nutritionist recommended Omega 3, but to cut back if I visit you.  Are you eating enough fish down there?


Do you have some nice lawn chairs for after fish and grits where I can relax and share H&N stories till we both need another drink of water?


I don’t know if it is radiation brain, but you got me dreaming.





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Yourself here...

<*** src="/sites/default/files/u107897/Pool.JPG" alt="Pool" title="Pool" width="320" height="480" />


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Hey John, I'm glad to hear, and even better, to see that you had a good day out on the lake.  It just goes to show you that sometimes having a crappie day is really having a very good day............<*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-smile****" alt="Smile" title="Smile" border="0" />


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Hey John, does this mean you are a crappie fisherman????  LOL

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Since I live in the south and actually down here they call Crappie Speckled Perch or Specks...

I could be considered a;



    <*** src="http://www.123gifs.eu/free-gifs/fishing/angeln-0064****" alt="angeln-0064**** from 123gifs.eu Download & Greeting Card" width="319" height="168" border="0" />


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Nice catch Skiff!  Glad to see your still pluggin' away. 


If it's warm enough - headed to a power plant lake here tomorrow myself for some papermouths (aka - crappie, specs).


Keep your line tight!



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Yep, you know that....

Here in the winter we catch most in the shallows, long tall grass (Kissimmee Grass) and lilies mainly.

Without a good net person, you loose probably 25% just from the hook pulling out before you get the net on them.

It's like Jungle Warfare... Combat Fishing.

Lake Kissimmee is the 2nd largest in Florida...35, 000 acres.

<*** src="/sites/default/files/u107897/SpeckWater.JPG" alt="LK" title="Lake Kissimmee" width="601" height="340" />

You can actually see the small orange bobber, bottom right in the photo.


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