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I am so happy...

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I got the results of my mammogram and everything was clear.   Thanks everyone for being on the bus with me. 



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Hi Ellen,

I am happy for you as I know you are relieved.  Smile

I've been online reading and participating in breast cancer boards since 1997.  In that time, I don't believe that I read more than a handful of women who had a return of their cancer in the other breast.  Most of the women who do, including Miss Renee from here had lumpectomies and a some have had it in their other breast.  When I think on how many women come and go on these cancer boards, it is a very small percentage that find cancer in the other breast.  Though I am certain that no one wants a rerun of the first time.  

The scare comes from the mammogram when we are so very shock that we are the 1 in 8 or is it 7 now that has a diagnose of breast cancer.  I was leery the first couple of years and never again.  I don't have a mammogram any more.  I have enough ct scans and if I develop a tumor in the other breast it would more than likely mean for me the treatment is working.

Best to you and may you remain one of the 70% that never has another experience with bc.


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Good news, Ellen.  Take care.  Linda

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I mentioned to the tech yesterday while having my mammo that I couldn't understand why I needed to have since I had a CT scan done in December.  She said "A mammo. ultrasound or MRI are the tests that find tumors.  CT scans are for finding tumors or other suspicious spots in other organs, not the breast".  I wasn't sure I was hearing the right thing.  I honestly believe that the scan can pick up on tumors in the breast.  Is there a good article on this subject?  I tried to google it but didn't any satisfaction with what I was finding.




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You should be happy!  Congrats Ellen!

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That's the kind of good news we love to hear!



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I hope you enjoy that good news for a very, very long time!

Happy Hugs,


Pink Rose
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I am happy for you! 

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I am loving this board today. keep the good news coming.

So happy for you!!! We are doing a mass happy dance today




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I know we console each other in the bad times,but hearing good news is what i think we all love to hear.Congrats on the good news and i pray it keeps coming.~~MollyZ~~

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Love to hear that all was well! 


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I pray to read news like this one everyday. I want us ALL to be clear and healthy for many years. Then when we are about 100 years old, we can go in our sleep, happy to have lived a fulfilled life. This is my wish for all of us. <3 Happy for you.

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Hip Hip Hooray ... doing my happy dance for you!   We love hearing 'all clear' news!  Dance, Celebrate and Enjoy your 'new Normal'.


Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Congratulations to you!

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New Hope
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I always like to hear good new .And a clear mammogram is very good news.


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