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Recs for a good colorectal surgeon in DFW area?

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Hi everyone,

I don't currently have a diagnosis of anal cancer (and pray that I don't!), but I'm very concerned I might.  For several years I've been having chronic hemi's/fissures and the last few months things have gotten much worse (increased pain/itching/bleeding).  I have just discovered that I now have an external protrusion with what looks to be a lesion in the center of it.  I've been trying to find a good colorectal surgeon in the DFW area, but so far new patient appointments are over a month out and I'm really too concerned to wait that long if I don't have to, plus I don't know if the ones I've chosen are really any good other than what the few reviews show on the internet.

I'm hoping that since a few of the posts here talk about the DFW area that maybe someone has a colorectal surgeon that they would recommend.  Feel free to send me a private message if you'd rather do that instead of posting their info here.  Thank you all in advance!

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Since I don't live in the DFW area I can't be of much help to you.  I'm sorry.  Perhaps someone else on this board will have a recommendation or two.  You could also post your request on the colorectal board on this site--there are quite a few members on that board and maybe someone lives in that area.

I hope you can get an appt. soon and get this checked out--and I really hope it turns out to be nothing.  We don't want any new members here if we can help it, but should you need us, we'll be here.  I wish you all the best.

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Dr. Julie Leverton with Colon & Rectal Associates of TX.  She is in Plano.  Did my surgery and I continue to follow up with her.  www.texascolon.com   972-612-0430




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I used Dr. Anthony Macaluso.  He practices out of Medical City on forest Lane and has an office in Plano just north of George Bush Turnpike.  He is a fantastic doctor and has excellent bedside manners.  He is my colorectal doctor.


Below is a link to his website.




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I found the best surgeons in Fort Myers Florida after much trial and error - check out Dr. Valerie D. and Dr. Gaw at the Colorectal Institute - http://colorectalinstitute.com

Dr. Valerie D. put me back together after a sigmoid & rectal cancer tumors that had gone through the wall and attached to my vagina. Sorry this won't let me put in her last name -so I abbreviated it - go figure...

Other surgeons wanted to give me a permanent colostomy but she resected my colon and I am fine and cancer free today.

If you can't get to Florida maybe they can refer you -- don't know but if anyone can fix you up I know they could.

Wish I could help more but it is a start. Best of luck... It is a difficult journey...

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Thanks all! I ended up getting a call back from Dr. Robert Jacobson's office at North Texas Colon & Rectal for next Friday.  Fingers crossed it's nothing serious.

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I'm glad you got an appt.  Please let us know how it goes.  I wish you all good news!

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If you are in Texas, I would suggest going to MD Anderson if you receive a diagnosis of cancer. Dr Cathy Eng is foremost in the field of anal cancer. She sees 4-5 patients a week. She has been excellent with me.

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Dr. Eng has been excellent with me as well. And dr. Chang the surgeon, and Dr. Das the radiologist is AWSOME!

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