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Anyone had Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?

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Hi, all,

I haven't been around a lot since my treatment ended, but I do lurk a bit ;).

The last time I visited my colorectal surgeon, he recommended hyperbaric treatment. The way I understand it is that the increased oxygen therapy hastens the healing of radiation side effects and damage and gets those tissues back the way they should be, or very near normal.

Since I started this over two weeks ago, I can tell you that the episodes of urgency have decreased a lot. There is much less mucus, too. Its a good feeling not to have to RUN to the bathroom all the time.

I spend 2 hours and 15 minutes daily in the chamber. No books or electronic devices, but we can watch movies, or TV, or bring our own entertainment. Have to be naked except for the stylish hospital gown, but that's it.

Has anyone else undergone this therapy?


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I've not yet tried it but am very interested.  I called the American Cancer Society several weeks ago to get their take on it and they said that the studies on its benefits were inconclusive, so I'd really like to hear from those who've tried it. I'm not sure how long to wait or whether to wait at all before I start making phone calls, but I'm just one week post-treatment and am in a wait-and-see mode regarding my pain and urgency problems. Not sure if it makes sense to wait...  I'm very interested to hear of others' experiences with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

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So happy to read this and that so far you are having good results. I recently posted asking if anyone had been using this treatment and only got a few replys but none from anyone undergoing this therapy. Although I am 2yrs post treatment I had read an article stating that in some cases this therapy was still an option with positive results. PLEASE continue to keep us updated as it could be very useful, especially for those just finishing treatment.

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I finished treatment on 11/11/11, so I am out fifteen months. No idea how soon one can begin, but so far I'm glad I'm trying it.

Promise to keep you posted!


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