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A friend of my husbands told him about the benefits of Tumeric in cancer patients, so I looked online & found this site (along with many others) so I thought I'd share it.....http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/20-health-benefits-of-turmeric.html. Tumeric is a spice used to cook with so it can't hurt!

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Brenda Bricco
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My neighbor brought my husband tea with tumeric in it... I almost forgot about that.

Hi Kris,

I was praying for you today and hoping that you will be able to get some emotional rest soon. I remember the days after diagnoses, it's exhausting and heart breaking. I'm also praying for Jason and will continue to...keep us posted when ever it is convienant for you to let us know how surgery goes.

I am a big believer of second, third, fourth opinions ect. too; how ever many it takes to find a cancer warrior that is will to go for cure.

GOD's blessings


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yes, curcummin ( a part of turmeric) is supposedly a potent cox 2 inhibitor and has anticancer properties


there are in fact trials in UK trying to check its effectiveness




however , there is an issue with the low bioavalibility of oral curcumin and from what i understand. mixing curcumin with slighly warm oil and then taking it improves its bioavalibility manyfold




since upto 8 grams a day of has been shown to be non- toxic i have already added it to the list of supplements my dad is having

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I'm so sorry your husband (and you) are facing such a devastating diagnosis. You will find lots of support here. My daughter takes curcumin, which is contained in the spice turmeric. It is supposed to be a powerful supplement for fighting colorectal cancer. She gets hers at the Cancer Treatment Center of America where she is treated, but you can also buy it online: http://www.lef.org/ui/SuperBio-Curcumin_637_01.html?mkwid=sBRaT4xq8&crid=18552916523&mp_kw=circumin&mp_mt=b&gclid=CN_Z0K7_oLUCFWaoPAodZxAAJw

This is the kind of curcumin you want to get, not the turmeric capsules from WalMart (which I had previously bought her). There are probably other places you can get it, but I know this link has high quality supplements, which you want. Curcumin was highly recommended by her naturopath at the cancer center.

Best wishes for you and your husband as you prepare for battle. I'm glad you found this site and the people here. They are wonderful and have been such support for me. My daughter has stage IV colon cancer. She is now doing well. She was very ill over a year ago.


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Thank you! I'm gonna check out the link you sent me....Take Care & God Bless, Kris

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Kris, this is the Life Extension Foundation that Fucc is talking about. My daughter doesn't get her supplements there but I know theirs are high quality. She also takes the Thorne Meriva curcumin. Best wishes to you.


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you can buy them at any vitamin/health store, even at some drug stores and places like Whole Foods.  I wasn't able to take it because it gave me diarrhea (kind of like chemo, oddly enough), but there's enough research out there to suggest it's worth trying if you can tolerate it.  AA

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There is quite a bit of positive research and some clinical studies looking into the effectiveness of tumeric and various chemo drugs. My natriopath has recommended that I take it while going through folfox. I'm sure you can do some Internet searches to find out some more information. If you do take it, make sure you buy tumeric or curcumin that is digestible. Straight curcumin tends not to be easily absorbed. There are some brands which have been modified or combined with so,ethic else, like black pepper, so it can be more easily absorbed. You may want to check out the curcumin from Life Extension. I am taking one that is from the brand Thorne.

If you are interested in supplementation, take a look at the Life Extension website. They have a comprehensive and detailed explanation about supplementation and make recommendations. I found that the recommendations are in line with the research I have done and what has been recommended by my natriopath. However, please advise your oncologist of anything you think your husband may want to take. Some oncologists are okay with supplements and some are agains supplements. My oncologist takes a neutral approach, he generally doesn't believe that the supplements will help or harm. I have decided to use them based on the research I have done, I am stage iv a and feel that I need to do anything I can to help.

I have been following your story, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Cancer isn't an easy road and no one can tell you what the outcome will be. When first diagnosed it's hard to wrap your mind around it, but as time goes on you learn to take it day by day.

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