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It's raining ferociously here, and the wind is blowing VERY strong....

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It's raining ferociously here, and the wind is blowing VERY strong....

but, of course, my friend, ever the strong Dutchman, says "It's just a bit humid!"....How I LOVE the Dutch!!!!  *grin*

(they have a language rule that to make something small, they add a "je" to the end of the word...'kopje koffie', for instance...but these wonderfully optimistic  people even add 'je' to the end of elephant!)

Hugs, Kathi

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Here in the US from Gulf to the top border we have a massive storm as well...severe thunderstorms, high winds and lots of opportunities for tornados.  To continue moving to the east.  Here in Virginia winds expected up to 35 mph.  Temps to drop from 70 yesterday to 28 tomorrow.

Mother Nature sure is in a snit all over the world!  I don't have the Dutch humor for understatement...lol.

Stay safe.


Marie who loves kitties

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It was a real thunder and lightning night in indiana last night. Today the temps are dropping and lots of rain. They said our "drought" is officially over.  Back to the deep freeze for awhile.  Long ugly winter yuk.  Jeff

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Raining all day and tornado in Gordon county, GA where I live. Lots of damage, gov declared disater. No damage at my house. Now it is supposed to get cold to tomorrow. So far 1 fatality. Scary!

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all last week we were 30 below....I cannot tell you how happy I was not doing oxy.  that being said my hands just go white even with big mitts on.  The blood just does not seem to get into the hands.....they don't work and it takes ages for the blood to flow again...


does anyone else have this symptom after oxy???????? today it is 45.....tonight will plunge again.....mother nature is indeed changeable.....



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When I am sure that my 'core' is warm....down vest under my coat, for example....and even inside the house....


It also affects the temp of my feet and toes....even more than keeping my head warm!!!


Hugs, Kathi