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I am new here

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Hello Everyone:

As the subject line says I am new here. Just found this site this morning. I am a 69 year old diagnosed with a medium Choroidial Melanoma in my right eye in June of 2012. I had plaque radiation therapy in September 2012. The disk was in place for 7 days.

I had my first check up January 3rd of this year. I was told the tumor had not grown which is good. I receive treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Ontario Canada. It was off handidly "mentioned" that I had 2 side effects. One is dry eye and the other a partially detached retina. I was told to use some artificial tears four times a day for the dry eye. The partial retina detachment is caused by leaking fluid from the tumor. There were 2 interns in the room with me and the doctor and he was talking to them not to me! I asked what happens about the partial detachment and I never did get an answer. I have very little site in my eye, certainly not useful site anyway. I had not seen this particular doctor before at any of my many previous visits, and can't say I cared for him. I have a wonderful husband and 2 daughters that are as supportive as they can possibly be, but I have reached the stage of just not talking about "C" anymore, in hopes of not putting it in their minds if they are not thinking about it.

I would so like to find out if anyone out there with this cancer has experienced the side effects I mentioned above, and what they were told. I can not get any info from any of the doctors I have seen so far. My last visit was particulary upsetting as the doctor at that time said I was to arrange for and Ct scans or ultra sound tests or chest x rays for the rest of my body to check for cancer, through my GP. Up to that point I was under the impression all would be done at the hospital. I have found this to be upsetting to say the least.

That is about it for this time. If anyone has anything they want to say or discuss with me I will be pleased to offer whatever support I can. I will also be so appreciative to read about your "C" journey with Choroidial Melanoma.

All the very best to everyone.







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Hi, sorry about your situation. I don't have the same cancer ad you but if you just scroll down this list you will find a heading for your cancer and quite a few posts from others like.yourself.

Good luck

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Hey just read your post.  I'm not familar w/your dx but.....I know about retina detachments.  You should be seeing an eye specialist for this, to determine if they can reattach it.  My husband is a type 1 diabetic/which of coarse is way different then what your enduring but he has had both retina's reattached.  This is usually a blood flow issue.  I'm not by any ways giving medical advice as I'm not qualified.....but please consider asking about this.   Katie

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I was diagnosed 1/25/2013 Had treatment at the Will's Eye Institute in Philadelphia. I knew everything they were going to do they explained to me thoroughly what the surgery would entail and what to expect through the months after surgery. I have an excellent doc back here in VA. I'm sorry for your experience....

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Also go to the C melanoma thread. 

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