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update on fatiuge

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I had started drinking gator aid for the electrolytes and that helped so I drink it first thing ( well after my coffee ) in the morning and it has helped me to feel better during that day. I also drink alot of water. ( alot )

He also told me to start taking ginseng I plan on getting it the next time I get out hopefully tomorrow.

Has anyone taken Ginseng? Did it work for fatigue? I think it is suppose to work for memory too. I hope so LOL.

So just trying to get through all of this. Keep fighting everyone!!!

Prayers to all


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That's a good tip about the Gatorade!  I've been drinking it a little this week and it makes me THIRSTY!  Weird, right!?  But I feel better this week than last week so YAY!  Please keep us posted on the Ginsing!  I hope that works, it seems like a great idea!!

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Alexis F
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I do drink Gatorade and it really seems to help me with my energy level and it is really good for you too.



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My doc saw that potassium and magnesium was low about a year ago and with the supplements memory and fatigue are much better.  Arimidex and another med I take leach these so....

New Flower
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I am glad that you are feeling better. You have a very good and accessible doctor, it is a blessing that you find him. 


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I take potassium and magnesium supplements too.  I am not sure my memory is better (lol) but I do know I feel better taking the drug.  My potassium level often goes below the low side of the range and so I do need it.  Magnesium, I once drop and went right back as I did feel better.


Best to you,







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Been reading all your posts and glad your getting a handle on this problem.  I've heard about Ginseng but never paid much attention to it.


Water is always good, washes out the toxics I believe.


Best to you,



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Whew!  So glad you are feeling better.  I've been worried.  Thanks for posting.  Big (((hugs)))!

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Thanks for the update Kay....Also, thanks for always replying - you have been such an inspiration to me since joining this site.


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magnesium, potassium and Gatorade seem to be helping.  Thank you for the valuable information. 

Continued healing and prayers for you dear Kay.

Vicki Sam

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'm glad something as simple as electrolites are making a difference for you.  If you get tired of Gatoraid, Smart Water also has electrolites.  I'm curious to hear about the ginsing when you try it.