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Our health insurance denied covering the muguard because they said it was not medically necessary. If I wa a mean spirited person I would like that clinical pharmadist who  made that decission find out one day what is like having your mouth and throat nuked. I sure than it would be "medically necessary" At least the cancer center has supplied us with it anyway


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online....or have your Onc prescribe it.  They will call you and dicker and deal with you.  They told me it was $358 for it....when I gasped, they dropped the price to $100.  Another person on here told me I should have gasped twice like he did....he only paid $50 for  6 bottles.  MuGard is really only expensive for the insurance companies....cuz they pay the full price.  So far I haven't heard of anybody having to do that here.



PS...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pup avitar....I have had a life long affair with the German Shepherd breed....they are the BEST!!!

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My insurance company did the same thing !  Talk w/your oncology nurse....sometimes they have the stuff to hand out.  I used the stuff regularly and it didn't really help.  I ended up w/crappy side effects and hospitalized.  Other's have benefitted from it's use.  There are some people in the world that just have NO...zip...nadda bed side manners.  I wonder how they get along with themselves....but in the end they will have to answer to a higher power.  Good luck, let us know if you get this resolved !   Katie

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Covered mine but there was going to be a $100 copay.  Told the company guy I couldn't afford it and they waived it.  

I actually like the stuff.  It lasts longer than miracle mouthwash.


Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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...but they already said it! Mugard is trying to get the word out, I think, and I'm glad because I think it makes a big difference! I should look into ways to petition insurance firms to change their position on it.

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Insurance did not cover my Magic Mouth Wash, but the formula they use in Oregon is so good I am surprised the rest of the country doesn’t know about it (Matt is biased).


Never tried the Muguard, but I know Phrannie liked it and had good luck.  As for the miracle mouthwash, never heard of it, I can’t comment on something I know nothing about.






Like the dog.

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Here is MA insurance is very picky. The hospital is great though, they will give all that we need.

Thanks, I need to put a newer pic of her, she's changed a lot in 3 months


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