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Tina Brown
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I am currently in hospital with relentless and ongoing vomiting. 

I started a new chemo regime 3 weeks ago called oral etopocide. You take tablets for 7 days and then have 2 weeks off. Well on day 6 I could not stop throwing up and I was admitted into hospital. I have been in here on and off for weeks. I have severe dehydration which has affected my kidneys badly. I have had ultrasounds, CT's and X-rays and they don't understand why I keep being sick because there is no obstruction of any kind. My bowels are sluggish but that should not be causing my sickness. 

Has anyone else suffered with relentless sickness. 


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So, so sorry to hear of your illness and hospitalization.  Hope they can find the problem soon.  That's no way to start the new year -- and it sounds like your entire holiday season was ruined.  Wishing you all the best.  Thanks for all the kind words you've shared with me.

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So sorry to hear you have been having such a rough time.   I have been thinking of you over the Christmas New Year period and wondering how you were going.   I do hope the medical staff can get to the bottom of the reason for the vomitting quickly for you and turn things around.   My thoughts are with you.

Julie x

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I am sorry to hear you are going through this, mum has had bouts of severe sickness in the past, from memory it was always while on chemo ( although now off chemo she still has nausea and occasional sickness)  It was as you describe and it took the hospice a while to control it, it was very distressing, the last episode was while she was on Gemzar, they decided to stop the treatment although we cannot be sure it was the chemo that was causing it!  I hope they get you sorted asap, it seems it is just a case of trial and error with the anti sickness meds......... Much love to you, SueX

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I'm sorry you feel so unwell. The only time I had such sickness was when I had cholecystisis but there was a lot of pain too. I hope you're off the drip now and home safe and well.

Best Friend
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Did they say anything about taking u off this chemo? gees.sorry

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Just wondering how you are doing now Tina?  I am hoping you are out of hospital and things have settled down?

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So so sorry..When I recieved Chemo for pertioneal mesothlioma it all but killed me..After each round I would have to stay in the hospital for a week..The Dr said he was using medcine that they never use and it just did not work..After 3 rounds of Alimta and a Cisplatin and HIPEC surgery they switched me to Alimta and Carboplatin..It was so much easier to handle..Praying that it gets better for you..

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Hope you are feeling better Tina,

my sister has peritoneal carcinomatosis as a metastasis from breast cancer.  she has lost a great deal of weight.  she has gone thru crises of excrusiating pain and vomiting and diarrea (which doctors tell her are not due to chemo but to the pc).  In addition, she has lost her appetite.  She is about to start a new medication (afintor?).  I wonder if any one knows about this drug and or diets to help deal with the discomfort.



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Has anyone heard from Tina?

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No, I too have been concerned that we haven't heard how she is doing.   Do hope she will get back in touch shortly.

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Just to let you know that Tina has been in hospital with vomiting for several weeks now and has lost a lot of weight. She does not have much internet connection at the hospital so I guess that's why she has not been on here. She was allowed out for a night and then I think she was going back to the hospital.

Not sure what is happening at the moment.


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Thanks for the update on Tina, I was fearing she was still having troubles, do they know why she is being so sick?  I hope it settles down very soon, she must be so fed up, thinking of you Tina and much love, SueX

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I am so sorry I missed your post. I am also so very sorry you have been so sick. Yes, I had that terrible sickness in Aug. Was in the ER 4 times before they figured out what was wrong. My scans were ok but my Ca 125 was heading up. They figured out that the cancer was growing on the outside of my bowel and giving me constipation, pain, and nausea. I was started on Carbo and in a couple weeks started to get better. I do hope that you are feeling better by now. Please check back with us when you can. Hugs and prayers!

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