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Officially NED !

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Joined: May 2012

Well just received the phone call.....and after one year I AM DEEMED NED !  I will still be going in every three months for scans Frown because of the dx I have and staging of.  But '13 seems to be a very lucky number for me.  I hope to soon go out and celebrate.....and P I am doing the kitchen dance with just a bit of trouble breathing !  Warmest regards sent out to all !    Katie   Tongue Out

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2013 is off to a wonderful start. Congratulations!!!


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You were more provacative when you were illigitally NED. I guess there are some advantages for being stamped OFFICIAL. But there is an allure to being clandestine. Well, I'll still consider you in your clandestine role. Out there in the world, a hidden NED. Rick.

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It is so cool tour are NED.

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Yeah I guess hearing the specialists actually say the words makes it more real to me.  A little less than 3 weeks ago they thought they had found a tumor in the lung.  Is this a mircle or their mistake ?  I don't know ....I just know life seems a little bit brighter through the rabbit hole I've been racing in.  Thanks everyone !   Katie

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Congratulations, NED is good.  Take a hit of the O2 before dancing or chose a slower dance, but then again it is hard to slow down happy feet.


Well, I know you are not an old time survivor, but what is your definition of NED?


Keep feeling better all the time.



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Katie that is just great to hear NED is official, be careful with the dancing. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a great year.


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I love to hear NED is in the house again.   Enjoy the title Katie, it is a very important one.   Enjoy every day as you take a deep breadth and sigh, NED is me....

All the best,


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Grab the O2, then your dancin' shoes....THEN do the celebratory kitchen dance!!! If you were here with me, I'd be your second partner after your man... Gawd, I as SO SO SO happy for you....NED NED NED.....I'm singing it from here!!  I love how this year is starting out....


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WOO HOO!  SO happy to hear your news!


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it's all time to say it... all together now



dance dance dance


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I thought you were Katie, now I find out you are really NED....

OK, I'll accept that and from now on I will always think of you as NED.

Congrats NED...


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I agree with Skiffin...this NED needs to be around much more often!  Love NED...want NED...gotta have NED!!!


Happy for you!


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I'm so happy for you! That whole tumor in the lung scare was not nice at all! It is indeed time to celebrate and dance around the kitchen.
So so happy for you!

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Joined: May 2012


Yeah I'll agree to the name change as long as it's permanant !  Thanks for the giggle !   Katie

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Pam M
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Not near the kitchen, so I did a little chair dance at the computer.  You should go out and celebrate - AND stay in and celebrate.  STILL so cool to hear someone's joined Club NED.  Yay, you!

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So good to hear NED is in the room. Congratulations and thanx for the inspiring news.

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popping you back on top

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Love to hear that Katie .....sorry I did not respond sooner .....some bad bug (food poisining I think) that last 36 hours ....saw this and wanted to respond!!!!  So very happy for you !!




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Congratulations!!! Time for the happy dance!


happy dance


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I hope we hear this over and over agin in 2013!!! Wonderful start To The new year.


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kate, thats absolutely wonderfull news.




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