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Gators in the Hood... ~ Photos

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On a somewhat lighter note...

Those that have mentioned about fishing with me...

Being in Florida, part of the local wildlife share many of my fishing holes..., snapped a few photos from New Years Day at the local Crappie fishing hole. I saw a few of these guys out on the bank sunning themself, two were at least 10 - 12', and only about 50 or so feet from me.

Gator Hole

He is definitely a big guy...

Big Guy

Nothing like sharing your fishing hole...


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Wow John!  What an attraction the great state of Florida has to offer!!!...LOL. And I thought a Coyote or a Fox in our area was a great attraction. I think I will stick here in Michigan...LOL.

Be safe with your fishing.....



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I have never seen one of those at the beach here. Hope I never do. I'll take 7 months of winter if I never have to swim with those.


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They don't bother me so much any more as I have a bigger boat, that floats a little higher also, LOL.

When I used to have a 12' Jon Boat, and these guys are as big... It would definitely increase the pucker factor when one would slide off of the bank, my little boat would move back and forth and I'd see their bubbles trailing toward and under the boat.

I always imagined a big gator foot reaching up and pulling the side of the boat down for a look see.

Pat...If you happen to read this, you can now understand why Shelley wasn't too happy having to swim and retrieve my boat during treatment.



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John, you seem to as well with a camera as you do with the rod. I do not know much about Gators / Croc's but they sure look pretty big to me.



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that would be my last time fishing in that hole....LOL.  No way, Jose!  Let's see.....ate by a gator....or ate by a Grizzly....cold and leathery or warm and fuzzy???  My choice, warm and fuzzy...ha!  (BTW, I have NEVER camped out at Glacier Nat'l Park, even tho it's only 30 miles away....too many bear eatins' happen there....I read "Night of the Grizzly" when I was a teenager, and stayed away from the Park for years).


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Last night I watched some gators in Louisana who were beat up by some Red Birds.



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I think they are so pretty, but I wouldn't want to be standing right next to one.

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Get your gun and shoot one. Just what the doctor ordered -  Plenty of protein to last through the entire recovery process!

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Actually they are protected...

But they do have quota hunts to keep the population in check. I think you have to apply and the State does a lottery.


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So John,


You ever eat Gator?


I’ve seen them in Monroe, Louisiana.



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Having  lived in Florida (Tallahassee, Gainesville and Altamont Springs) I have tried gator before ...does not taste like chicken ...almost as good as lobster in my opinion...but of course I like it fried, fried and then fried again with some cheese grits on the side.  You do know in the "true South" cheese grits is also known as "Southern Ice Cream"? Right? :)

Keep the pics coming John....say hello to the wife....


Really excited to be able to move from post to post so quickly on CSN tonight ..hope this is the norm going forward...but then again all you East Coast folks are probably in bed 'bout now :)



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LOL, I actually had some last week-end.

Most all that I have ate are usually chunked nuggets, breaded and deep fried.

You right, to me it actually tastes a little more like pork, but not dry.

Not something that I have offered to me on a regular basis. I just happened to be coming back from Lake Kissimmee and a local family store had some hot just out of the basket, so I bought some.

Actually I can take decent photos as reference for art work..., but these were just snapped with my iPhone.

BTW, the site is running pretty fast for me this morning also..., hopefully a sign of the future.


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Excuse me just pushing this back up.   We need the current back

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