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22years-old ,Fear of colon cancer

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recently I realized I have to strain hard when I'm having bowel movement. Like something blocked my rectum.and I'd alway had bowel movement once every 2 days Until last month I found myself using bathroom once or twice a day. I dont know if its a form of change of bowel habits or not. My stools became narrow than usual but not pencil thin.Occasionally noticed one or two bright red spots in my stools.(more like a red lump that formed together.) My anus has a constant sticky and something is there feeling. No abdominal pain at all or any other symptoms.

I went to GI last week,and he said I just had a minor hemorrhoid which I shouldn't be concerned, and dismissed my fear of colon cancer cuz of my age. He prescribed me some ointment but didn't work, I noticed a red spot in my stool this morning after I apply the ointment last night.

I'm SUPER concerned right now that I might have colon cancer. Should I get a colonoscopy just to be sure?

My fear has escalated to a degree that I can't live a normal life. Pls help me!

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Hi Ryan, I'm sorry you are experiencing these symptoms and you have come to the right place for personal experience advice from us.  I was told the same thing about haemorrhoids the likely cause, this was not the case for me.   If I was you and with what I know now, I would have a colonoscopy.   Have the scope, get the results and hopefully we will not see you back at this site. Good luck with everything.

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It's so kind of you to reply! I made a appointment with GP tomorrow

and I will insist on having a colonoscopy for peace of my mind.

May I ask you how unlikely for my age with no family history at all to get colon cancer?

Any other symptoms ?

I hope that you do we'll and get better everyday!


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I have not heard of anyone else being so young having colon cancer.  With no family history and your young age, its unusual to think you may have CRC (Colorectal cancer).   The other symptom I used to get was discharging a clear mucas fluid and no blood.

Have you noticed any blood in your stools, like a vein of dark blood and blood on the toilet paper?  Prior to the primary Colon tumor removal (Resection), I also had very tiny stools and always wanting to visit the toilet because I felt that I had more waste to get rid off.

In my case, the tumor had nearly totally blocked the colon and had grown outside of the colon with secondary lung and liver growth (Metastasis).   Thank you for sending me your good wishes.

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I'm 46, not 22, but had no family history of colon cancer or any real symptoms until a few months before my colonoscopy.  I had similar symptoms to what you have described, including occasinal blood/mucous in my stool, consistent pressure in my rectum (even after a bowel movement), more frequenct and smaller BMs, etc...  My doctor recommended a colonoscopy, at which time I was diagnosed with stage 4 mCRC (and pretty advanced at that).  My advice for anyone is that if you have ANY blood in your stool plus any other symptom of colon cancer (narrow stools, frequent BMs, feeling of incomplete BMs, narrow stools, etc...) to insist on a colonoscopy.  A friend's college roomate (19 years old) was diagnosed with stage 4 mCRC just recently, and the fastest growing age group for new CRC cases is 20-30 year olds.  Not to be an alarmist, but I would get the colonoscopy and put your mind at ease....


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take some action and be healthy.

the fear you have in itself is not really healthy but it may motivate you to be healthier.

i had hemorroids, was mis diagnosed for years and also got a late stage colon cancer dx a few years ago.

so i would get medical advice, and i would also get a colonoscopy. they also have newer more effective stool tests.

i know of a few younger people with colon cancer dx's i am not trying to frighten you, but i cannot say your fears are unrealistic.

find away to live each day real well, i pray you get the all clear and this is the closest you ever come to this disease or any cancer.

just read about the colorectal risk factors and you can see the lifestyle improvements that can reduce your risk if you are so motivated.




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has taken you to a level that you can't live a normal life, by all means get the colonoscopy.  The chances you have colon cancer are slim to none, but if it gives you peace of mind....

As for symptoms, I didn't have any until my colon cancer had been on going for years, and then it was just a pain in my side (from tumor in liver no doubt) that took me to hospital.  You could have irritable bowel syndrome, or any other myraid of simple maladies that do not have the consequences of colon cancer, but frankly it sounds like hemorroids. 

Peace at you, and get the colonoscopy and peace of mind back.

Winter Marie

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Glad you stopped in to ask your question and get some good advice from the folks here.

It is highly unlikely that your symptoms are caused by colon cancer at your young age and no known diagnosis of it in your family. 

For your peace of mind and also to get treatment for whatever the true diagnosis is, I agree that asking for at least a flex sigmoid scope should give you the answers you seek.  This procedure does not go as far in and can be performed without anesthetic.

I am curious what made you even consider colon cancer as a potential problem.  Most folks your age don't even know what those symptoms are.

Wishing you best outcome and hope that you will come back here long enough to let us know that you are cancer free!

Marie who loves kitties

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I have a friend who got stage 3 colorectal cancer in her mid twenties. She had the surgery, she had the chemo and now she is seven years cancer free. 

My advice would be to get a second Doctor's opinoin and go from there. 

Peace of mind is everything.

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.. Check it out.  In my opinion, you can never be too young to have a colonoscopy.  Ill be praying for you, Ryan.


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If he saw or felt the hemorrhoid, he may well be right, and you could be escalating this for nothing.  Plus a week of treating a hemorrhoid is not likely to make much of a difference.

I would continue treating with the ointment, ensure that I was having regular BMs, perhaps take Colace daily (a stool softener, not a laxative), up my fiber, and see how it is in a few weeks.

Yes, there is a very remote chance that it is something more serious, but it is important to address the obvious first.  Plus, living your life where every unusual symptom causes fear of cancer is not healthy.

Catch your breath. 



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Hemorrhoid typically responds to OTC treatments well in a fairly short period of time.  If I were you, I would follow GI advice and get the hemorrhoid treated.  If symptoms still persist after that, I'd contact GI and request for a colonoscopy.  CRC is rare in young people, but they do exist.  I'm 35 with no family history.  I just got diagnosed with stage 1 rectal cancer.  My warning signs that prompted me to ask for colonoscopy were a persistent groove line and blood streak on my stool over a week of observation, along with unexplained extreme fatigue for the past few months.  It's great that you are closely monitoring your symptoms.  But fear does not help.  If you don't have any unexplained weight loss, fatigue, or fever, I wouldn't be so worried about cancer right now.

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Get the colonostopy ASAP.  They colonostopy is no big deal you have to find out what is going on.

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Hi Ryan, yes get a colonscopy!  The chance of you having colon cancer at your age is slim.  The chance of you feeling better once you have the colonscopy is 100%.  Sometimes we have to do physical things to improve our mental worries. 

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