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2013 here we come !

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Hello everyone !

Well I haven't seen my onc's yet because of all the holiday schedualing.....but did receive path reports in the mail today.  My lung was NOT mets or cancer period !  My H/N area came back no malignancies noted.  So it's sounding as if I'll be receiving the NED'S thumbs up yet in January.  I'm still pretty weak, and using O2 because my lungs both are weak....but hell yeah I'm one excited lady !  I thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts that helped me through.  I wasn't going to post this until all the official stuff was over and done, but thought our site needed some good news.  Warmest wishes sent out to all !   KatieWink 

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that's a terrific way to start the new year, we appreciate hearing your good news.

it's just past midnight here in EST, and I'm drinking a Boost to celebrate, lol.

cheers to you, and everybody. as they say in China, 新年快樂! Happy New Year!

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THRILLED!!!  WOW....what incredible....wonderful....miraculous news!  I am so happy for you.....what a relief, huh?   Man did they ever drag you thru the old knothole backwards over this one....

Did I mention how thrilled I am?....LOLOLOLOL.....I want to dance ya around the kitchen, thru the back yard, and back up onto the porch...HUGS!!!  and more HUGS!


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thought I'd check the site one more time before bed, OMG Katie, soooo happy for you Thank the Lord..2013 Bring it!!


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Katie what a awesome way to start out the New Year, hope to hear more NED in the future.


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My Dearest Katie,


You certainly bring a smile to my face with your wonderful news (lungs and H&N).  It is nice to hear you are happy and rightly so.  Take some deep hits on the O2, rest, relax and heal.  


See you next year.



(10:41pm, 12-31-2012)

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That is amazing news and such a perfect start to the NewYear! I'm so happy for you!!! Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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Wonderful news Katie ...wishing you a Happy New Year!!!!

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Kent Cass
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Laughing2013 is starting out great, Katie. Very glad to hear of your good news.



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When I opened this I thought you just wished everybody a happy new year. But when I started to read... OMG... I'm sooooooo happy!!!! Dear Katie, you definetely deserve this!! It is such a great start for a new year. All fresh and new.. like a new beginning! It is also so wonderful for your entire family, it must be such a relief! Now, this is the second great news on this board (first I read about Tim), so I just have this great feeling this is going to be a good year!

Congrats, Katie, and go out and enjoy!!!!

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Sweet Katie! You made my New Years morning!

Prayers for your continued healing.


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So happy for you. I can only imagine the relief you must feel. Wow,  and  thanks be to God. Amazing to hear such good news and inspiring for all of us who find ourselves battling this disease. Enjoy the good news and hoping you will be doing better each day.


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Ingrid K
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Dear Katie

such good news !  CONGRATS -- you deserved some good news after all you've been thru in the last few months.

Like P51 says, You've been dragged through the knothole for sure.

what an encouraging start to 2013 for you and your family.

Happy New Year indeed !!


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Wow Katie what great news to usher in the New Year.  I am so happy that you got great news.  I was pretty worried about you.

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We are so happy for you gee I bet there were some beautiful fireworks going off in your heart and mind to celebrate the New Year and a New Beginning.  So God Bless you, whoops to late he already did.

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I really can't believe your good news. It's great when the mistake is that the docs thought you had the Beast but all a mistake. Best to you and yours in this new year. Rick.

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So glad and relieved to hear this! Congratulations! And a happy, happy start to the new year!

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Happy new year to you!!!


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Katie, what a way to bring in the new year. It has been a tough road, but for a NED it seems like it was worth it.





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Katie...that is wonderful....I can now take your name off of my bathroom mirror ...but you better believe I am keeping you on my nightly prayer list ....

I am a happy man to see this post...and so excited to be able to dart all over the place tonight on all the posts...have had the worst time getting on / staying on CSN...

Whispered a thank you to the good Lord for this news as well. Sealed



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See, there are miracles and prayers do work...

Now as far as Tim, taking you off of his bathroom mirror..., LOL... If you didn't know the entire story about why you are there and the complete details... That just sounds wrong in so many ways, LOL.

Congrats ~ John


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