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Maybe a little OT

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Double Whammy
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A couple of days ago I was at Orchard Supply staring at glass cooktop cleaner.  Another woman was doing the same.  She said "this is supposed to be a good brand" (Weiman).  So I grabbed a bottle and turned it around to read the back.  The first thing I noticed was a TEAL awareness ribbon and the statment aht Weiman proudly supports the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.  Sold!  I was so happy to see an awareness ribbon that wasn't pink that that supported another women's cancer that I don't even care if it works or not.  They have other cleaning products (stainless steel, etc.) if anyone needs such things.


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It's what I use but hadn't noticed statement.  I got it before I started really reading labels.

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Yeah!!!  I use the same product and hadn't noticed.  I'm more interested in the listing of ingredients.  S0 happy to hear about support to other cancers.  Now how about UTERINE!!!!